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Jeff Goodsill

Jeff is a veteran game development executive, having been a General Manager of three premier game studios: Ensemble Studios, Papyrus Racing Games and Iron Lore Entertainment.

In 1998, Jeff joined Ensemble Studios, one of the industry’s most successful game developers, as General Manager. In this capacity, he instituted many new business practices, established a progressive benefits package, hired about 20 new employees, and helped ship Age of Empires II and Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. Age of Empires II went on to be one of the best selling strategy games ever, making the top 20 sales list for over two years.

In 2000, Jeff became General Manager at Sierra's Papyrus Racing Games. Jeff was responsible for the entire division, both on the business side and on the development side. While at Papyrus, Jeff delivered two hit titles: NASCAR Racing 4 and NASCAR Racing 2002 Season. Both titles exceeded sales expectations and were consistently in the top 20 sellers list.

Jeff started at Iron Lore as General Manager and Senior Producer in July 2002. He was responsible for delivering the AAA hit title Titan Quest. He managed all aspects of product development including: hiring, directing managers, implementing efficient development practices, establishing QA processes, budgeting, scheduling, and establishing department goals. In 2007, Jeff took over the presidency of the company. He continues to run the company on an operational level and is additionally focused on corporate strategy.

Previous to working in the game industry, Jeff held positions of progressively greater responsibility within Raytheon Corporation, a Fortune 100 company, ultimately ending up as a staff manager at the corporate offices.

Brian Sullivan
Co-founder and Creative Director

Brian has a proven track record in game design, having created and co-created, respectively, the Titan Quest and Age of Empires (AoE) series of computer games. Both are highly polished and original IP franchises.

As a founding partner of Ensemble Studios, the developer of the AoE series, Brian helped build the company into the premier game development powerhouse it is today. Among his many executive roles while at Ensemble, Brian was the co-designer and project manager on Age of Empires, and executive producer of the other games in the series. The AoE games have been a huge commercial and critical success, selling over 18 million copies worldwide and winning almost every award possible.

In 1998, Brian won the 1998 Computer Game Developers Association (GDC) Spotlight Award for Achievement in Game Design for his work on Age of Empires.

In 2000, Brian co-founded Iron Lore Entertainment. He was the Executive Producer and Lead Designer on the hit title Titan Quest, and Executive Producer and Creative Director on the highly regarded sequel, Titan Quest: Immortal Throne. Brian continues to lead product development at Iron Lore, in addition to being the spokesperson for the company.

Previous to his work in the game industry, Brian managed the successful design and development of many multi-million dollar software systems for organizations including Harvard, MIT, Fidelity Investments, EDS, and the states of New York and Massachusetts. Brian graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University.

Paul Chieffo
Co-founder and Director of Technology

Paul has had an exciting 24 year career both as an entrepreneur and as a technical guru.

In 1994, Paul co-founded Amber Wave Systems, a computer networking company. He advanced the art of low-cost switching by designing a high performance switch with a flexible, elegant architecture and a custom CPU. He helped to grow the company to over 20 people, acquired venture capital funding, and successfully sold the company to U.S. Robotics.

Paul continued at U.S. Robotics, where he spearheaded their drive into the switching marketplace. He was designing the next generation of switching products, when U.S. Robotics was acquired by 3Com. At 3Com, Paul was promoted to Director of Technology where he was responsible for delivering a suite of high volume, advanced networking products. Key to this effort was the Typhoon core technology, which included an advanced encryption engine, becoming the backbone of 3Com’s NIC products. While at 3Com, Paul received three patents for advanced technologies.

Paul is a founding partner of Iron Lore Entertainment and the Technical Director for the company. He led the development of the Iron Lore’s cutting-edge and fully featured game engine. He also contributed directly to the engine’s development, writing most of the multi-player and networking code. Paul is currently leading the effort to make all of Iron Lore’s tools and technologies fully multiplatform, while supporting individual game development efforts.

Steve Marvin
Design Director

Steve is a game industry veteran with 14 years of game design experience in almost every genre, including RPGs, shooters, space sims, flight sims, strategy, puzzle/arcade, mech sims, and MMOs. He has developed for consoles, PC and online MMOs.

In 1994, Steve joined Kesmai Corporation, an early multiplayer game pioneer. He progressed through several positions including Product Support, Associate Producer, and Designer.

After Kesmai, Steve worked at a series of companies with increasing design responsibility: as an associate producer at Retro Studios, as a Lead Designer and Design Coordinator at Digital Anvil, as a Lead Designer at Red Storm Entertainment, and as a Senior Designer at Lodestone Entertainment.

In 2003 Steve went to work for Mythic Entertainment (subsequently purchased by EA) as a Lead Systems Designer and Lead Designer on Warhammer: Age of Reckoning.

In 2007, Steve joined Iron Lore Entertainment as Director of Design, where he manages all designers and design teams.

Previous to the electronic games industry, Steve Marvin started in games as a designer/editor for the paper-and-dice RPG company Iron Crown Enterprises, working on the Rolemaster® series. Steve graduated from the University of Virginia.

Keith Patella
Lead Programmer

Keith has been in the gaming industry for 9 years and has worked on 3 “AAA” titles, leading the development on two of them.

Keith was the Lead Programmer on Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, and is currently the lead on three projects: the Soulstorm game, the conversion of Iron Lore technology and tools to the Xbox 360, and on Iron Lore’s next big game project.

Keith broke into the gaming industry in 1997, when he joined Stainless Steel Studios and helped architect the Titan engine, which was used to create the award winning game Empire Earth. Empire Earth went on to be one of the most successful franchises.

Keith continued his work at Stainless Steel Studios becoming Lead Programmer on SSSI’s second & third products: Empires: Dawn of the Modern World and Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War. The Titan Engine was continually enhanced, and was licensed to other companies for game development. Rise & Fall received critical acclaim from top magazines for its ground-breaking technology and its unique mix of 3rd person and RTS gameplay.

Eric Campanella
Art Director

Eric is veteran game artist with over 10 years of experience in game art and animation. He has worked as an artist and manager on many critically acclaimed titles, including Command and Conquer: Generals, Planescape: Torment, Ice Wind Dale 2, Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, and Call of Duty 3.

Eric joined Iron Lore to lead the art development on Iron Lore’s next big project. Eric, almost single-handily, has created most of the marketing, demo art, and demo animation for the demo/sales phase of this project, and is actively working on the pre-production art.

Eric started in gaming when he joined Black Isle Studios as an Artist in 1997. There he was responsible for concepting, modeling, texturing, and animating characters and special effects. He went on to work at many top-tier studios, including EA and Activision. Eric has been Lead Artist and Senior Animator on multiple projects, helping his teams to incorporate cutting edge pipelines and other technologies, including motion capture work.

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