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The Last Door" it's a free episodic horror game, with original pixel-art visuals and a gorgeous orchestral music score. Surrounded by a thrilling sound atmosphere, player's will experience a really immersive environment thought the stimulation of their imagination, just like classic horror writers like Poe and Lovecraft used to. The game is designed to be a webseries and up to the present day it has three full episodes: Pilot Chapter “The Letter”, “Memories” and "The Four Witnesses".

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History of the Project

Being able to develop an Indie Game in Spain these days, it's quite hard. A country where no funding nor financial support is provided. Thus, at the end of 2012 we said that there had to be another way, that we would stand our ground and fight! And so we did, with a Kickstarter campaign we found a way around scarcity of bank loans, and a more sustainable and honest way to do bussiness. That's the way we were able to undertake our beloved project: an over-pixelated horror game in which the player would have to use his imagination more often than he's used to. So, thank to the crowdfunding concept and backed by our active community, in December 2012 we started the production of our first pilot chapter: "The Letter", releasing it in March 2013. The positive response from our hundreds of players encouraged us to continue with the project and produce a second chapter as well as to design the whole saga. In June 2013, we launched our Second Chapter "Memories", followed by the third one: "The Four Witnesses" which was released on October, 2013. During the whole course of the game, "The Last Door" has been played by almost two million players throughout different websites and up to date, it has been Greenlit by Valve's Steam. Being a consolidated project nowadays, the fourth episode will be developed all along the last quarter of 2013 and it's scheduled to be launched by January, 2014.

Features of "The Last Door"

  • Story: Original and intriguing story that will leave you hunger for more at the end of each chapter. Travel back and explore dark and mysterious Great Britain from the 1890’s, investigate ghostly and gloomy places to uncover their cryptic secrets.
  • Graphics: A unique visual style that will show only what's necessary, triggering you imagination to bring the game's world alive. Investigate and wander through uniquely designed low-res style graphics as Jeremiah uncovers the ominous truth.
  • Puzzles: Work through various puzzles and brain teasers to progress throughout the story.
  • Music and Sound Effects: A haunting original orchestral soundtrack composed by the award winner musician Carlos Viola, completes the strange and frightening atmosphere of the game. Outstanding sound effects, makes it all the more effective.
  • Community: Actively participate in the game creation, helping the development team to shape each chapter.
  • Free-to-Play and Crowdfunded: Supported by "pay what you want" donations, so you can play for free!
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