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Frequently asked questions regarding The Last Breach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you decide to make this mod?
A: I figured a medium sized World War 2 mod would work perfectly for Battlefront 2, and I honestly think I was right. Also I did not see a true authentic World War 2 mod for Battlefront 2 so I got right to work on that.

Q: What is required to run it?
A: A somewhat decent PC. My current graphics card is a GT 9600, very old but it runs the mod at 30-40 FPS.

Q: What are the factions?
A: It is the German Army vs. the British Army.

Q: Will there be any other factions?
A: Unfortunately no, it will only be Germany vs. Britain in this mod. I will not add in anymore factions, it's just too much work, and I think two is enough for this one mod.

Q: Will you be making any more World War 2 mods?
A: I might. Maybe for another game, maybe for this game. I'm not 100% sure. I had plans to make a D-Day map on Omaha Beach with a beach landing and everything. But I wanted to move on from the WW2 genre.

Q: What will you work on next if you're moving from the WW2 genre?
A: Not sure, I wanted to help Marth8880 with his mod, maybe make a quick map for him and then I want to make a medieval mod. A medieval mod with horses and a fancy combat system maybe. I'll have to wait and see. I also had plans to make a mod based off of Aliens(1986)

Q: What are the classes?
A: Click the Link ---------->

Q: When will it be released?
A: I'm aiming for somewhere in October.


That's awesome, haha. Click the Link xD

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