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Why it is important for the Gamer to rate/review Apps they play? Why is it so difficult to have a presence in the saturated mobile market places?

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During the publishing phase of Tammy and I's
Journey into the mobile game market
I didn't understand how, especially with the mobile game market so saturated, how creating a top notch game has little to do with how well it performs on downloads to the gamer.
After months of watching the play store, the ad network returns, and manually looking through all of the stores i.e. Google Play, Apple App Store, without having ratings and even better reviews with the ratings, the game will never make it , regardless of how good it is.
3D10 was developed with a lot of my perfectionist personality built into it within a proven game play genre.
The game was published September 17th.
I have 18 ratings and 6 with reviews on Google Play
I have 6 ratings and 6 reviews on the Apple App store
All of the game ratings are 5 star
To all of You who rated and reviewed my game and any other developer's game, Thank You!!!
Even with these, without having from what I can tell, at least 300 reviews the game does not show up anywhere on either store, I spent hours scrolling through each category to no avail.
Even in the new games section which would imply new games You must have from what I can tell 300 plus ratings and over 5000 downloads to be in there, doesn't sound like what the definition of new game is but it is Google and Apple and they can define that term as they wish.
In order for us indie developers to succeed, It is of great importance to get reviews by our Players.
This not only gets us to a store shelf where people can actually find our game but most importantly we cannot make a good game great without Your input, I want to make 3D10 and any projects I create to be the best of the best for You and I want to see all the multitude of hours invested in a family friendly fun game succeed .
So in closing
Please rate and review 3D10 and any other indie game You play!!!!
We indie game makers can't express how much we appreciate You taking the few moments to help us.

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