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SCP:Better Containment Mod has been a big project for us, and luckily we've got some plans on the future of the mod.

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Alright. The future of the mod isn't that big but, we do have some news for you as well.

First of all lets start with the future of the mod.
The Future of the mod isn't that huge, although it seems okay, We are not planning on adding our own SCPs to the game or any new rooms, models or NPCs and the mod won't go on for long as I do want to finish the mod due to many projects I am working on (which can be found on my discord ), Anyways the only changes I will add in the mod are Texture Changes, Audio Changes and minor code changes.

Now onto the news, We have some *small* news for you guys, SCP:Better Containment Mod [REWRITTEN] will not be the only mod that we will release for SCP:Containment Breach, We are also planning on making our own original mod which well.. Isn't going too well but expect a lot to come soon. Also the updates won't be that frequent on the mod.

A picture of our self  made SCP-173 retexture.A Glimpse of how Light Containment Zone looks in the mod

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