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Another faction in Cerebral Cascade, Ezo represents Japan, Once dominant in the Second Great War, the same imperial flame burns in the hearts of many of Ezo’s fighters yet again, one they owe only to Yuri.

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During the Second Great war, the Imperial Japanese first aligned with the Russian menace in a play to topple China for their resources and population, Conquering Korea, China and much of southeast Asia. Believing that they could best the russians as they have done in the past, in case they ever betrayed them.

Having already made a grievous mistake, Japan’s dominance would come to an end before it even begun.

Their second mistake was to attack America, at the behest of the Russians. The American Naval base in the Leley Gulf in the Philippines was attacked simultaneously with the American naval base in Hawaii in a ploy to intimidate America out of the war effort in Europe and accept a point of neutrality. With extreme brutality, the Japanese flooded onto the Philippines as a symbolic gesture of dominance over America.

A ploy the Russians knew would be a fruitless one, enacted with a gesture that would alight America aflame with the fires of vengeance that would only perish with Japan's unconditional surrender.

Once it was beyond a shadow of a doubt that America would overpower japan, The Russians plunged their knife deep into Japan’s back to claim what territory and resources they could, taking everything japan had conquered, liberating Korea and much of china in a new banner of red. Sandwiching japan between 2 powers they couldn’t hope to fend off.

Their third mistake was much like their first, trust. As the Americans hopped from island to island undeterred and the Russians sliced through the Japanese like wheat in Asia, Japan's high command came to a single conclusion and they surrendered to the Allies. Out of a desperate hope that they could keep their emperor. Their fears of losing their emperor would come to pass as the emperor was deposed by the Allies and Japan was used as a stepping stone for the allies to retake east asia.

As the Europeans closed in on Moscow in the west. The Americans would flood towards Seoul and Beijing, using Japan as nothing more than a puppet against communist interests when all would come to pass.

Years would pass and the idea of Japanese supremacy and its denial would lay restless in the minds of the Japanese politicians and people, starving for an opportunity to attain their divine right as conqueror’s, to buck off their allied handlers and obtain what was truly theirs, to smite the soviet’s that betrayed them!

These dreams did not go unheard as one organization heard their cries for dominance. The Soviet Psicorps, led by Yuri, saw a budding opportunity that could and would prove invaluable in the early stages of his own machinations. And so, he slowly added more “fuel” to this over the coming years.

Until the time was right.

Until 1971.

CC Ezo

In Cerebral Cascade, Ezo represents Japan, specifically the rebellious assets that are supported by Yuri, and is the third Clairvoyant faction the player is given control of and introduced to, in terms of the Clairvoyant roster. They prioritize amphibious flexibility to both support their robust navy in the high seas and their fanatical infantry on the ground. With rumors of a powerful psionic device being constructed deep in Japan's mainland under the direction of Psycorp, May the sun rise yet again and their enemies bow in reverence and fear.


Say hello to Uzef! He's been working plenty behind the scenes regarding the planned Campaign, general proofreading/sanity checking (on numerous matters of the mod), and some voicework for the mod. Although, the voiceovers will be revealed sometime in the future, I've already showcased at least one of them already. So to have him with us on the team is a great honor!

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Uzef Author

As of now, this "psionic device" is planned to be Yuri's T3 Damage superweapon, the Psychic dominator. Which is designed to be the counterpart to the nuke silo and Weather storm device rather than a souped up, continent controlling psionic beacon its constructed as in the base YR story. However Ezo's specialization on infantry along with their experience with the aforementioned Psionics? The Sky's the limit.

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