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Today I talk a little about our grand campaign in Europe in Flames.

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The Campaign


This article has no images or anything else regarding our game, expect some info
about our game's grand campaign.
Some little is told about the game with the introduction.

Any of those wanting images, this is just text.



This is the little you're going to get about the game today, just telling you now.

What you think about video games is usually having fun and only that, but I think otherwise. No, I'm not saying that my games won't be fun, I'm saying that I want them to be more. Video games can be art, if people would just let that happen.
I want my games to make you think, I want my games to bring up emotions. I want my games to be that art that I hope someday games will be. Expect a lot of deep conversations and deep personalities. Expect something MORE than just pure entertainment. Art is entertainment too, - if you like it - mind you.

So now, that I've prepared you, let us begin.


The world of EIF isn't just the third world war, it's a lot more. It's a whole world, different from ours. It's a world of constant conspiracies (The Cold War never ended), constant weapons research, constant ecological disasters. The longer the war continues, the more you can see that the world is doing more and more badly. Small news reports on radios or newspapers in your camps, conversations with other friendly soldiers or even the enemies. This is the set that will start the line of many different games, happening in the same universe, with the same history and the same world.

The world is huge, so is the story.

What I can tell you about something coming up is a game coming some time after EIF. It's pretty much the same, but with grand battles of the world war III and other history of it. Places where your soldiers in the campaign may have not been in.
For example, the battle of Edinburgh, a big victory of a line of victories for the Soviet Union in the invasion of the UK. A battle only talked about in the game



Each of the 5 different guys you'll play as work differently. I'm not going to say who or what these people are, not yet. But as we go on, I'll include more things here, so keep an eye out.
The main point in the game is the different perspectives of war. No more evil Nazis or demonic Russians I say. I wish it to be of some realism, but not too much, since realism isn't actually that fun to play, so don't expect thousands upon thousands of enemies to kill with just one thought. You can't engage a group of ten alone in this game and hope to survive. Even just one man more on the other team might be a bad thing, unless you're holed up. Strategy and tactics, that's what I want. If you're under fire, search for cover. If you're being bombarded, get inside. If you're ambushing someone, stay in cover and if you're being shot at with RPGs or tanks or what ever explosives, stay away from those effing walls.
You see, I'm not looking at complete and boring realism, but something that will deny you the opportunity to do mass murder. If you're in a tank you're not invincible, remember that.

Also a lot that I want to have is healing. But not regenerating or having a health bar, something more deep. Something like what Metal Gear Solid 3 had, but actually good. That's what I'm hoping someone might give some good ideas for. I'm thinking about it, could you?


That's it for now, I'll add things as we go. If you've got something to comment about, please do. Got some new idea, please do tell.

Until next time, this is all you have. Keep helping and we're bound to get somewhere.
(Just saying, map or scenario ideas are out. I've thought of all this. As little clich├ęs as possible is what I have aimed for, and got there fairly smoothly.)

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