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This article will go through all of the main features of the game.

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So you may be wondering what kind of features this game has. Like why should you download this snake game when there are so many others out on the web. Well first of all, mine is free, so it won't hurt nothing to download it. And if that's not enough to get you to download the game then here are a bunch of it's features that I hope excite you to no end:

1. You can move the snake around with either the WASD keys or the arrow keys (or if you are really bored you can use a combination of both)

2. You can hit the "m" key to mute the game!

3. You can hit the "c" key to view the credits

4. You hit the spacebar to either start/restart a game or if you have already started a game, hitting the spacebar will pause the game.


5. There are 3 levels to the game. Each level is reached by increasing the score. Each new level will add a Poison block!

6. Hitting the poison block will kill you

7. Each level has new colors for you to look at

***not really***

If that doesn't make you want to download the game when it comes out on the 25th then I don't know what else I can do for you. OH WAIT I DO! If you download the game on the 25th I will give you early access to the "red, orange, blue" DLC and a 25% pri---

*there is no DLC, I doubt I will ever even update this game lol.*

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