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A presentation of the Stronghold faction and how it has been improved.

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  • Bloodrage damage reduction is now within reasonable values: 30/35/40%
  • Might over Magic is now 1 stat away from -2 Spellpower to enemies (3 starting Spellpower)
  • Powerful Blow loses 10% chance for double damage.
  • Rage Level 3 level is unlocked faster (800 pts) but the effects are toned down!
  • Hero attacks now generate rage.
  • Destructive magic is made more viable by further reducing rage by 50 points.
  • Puppet Master gives +50 rage per controlled turn instead of -50.



  • Call of Blood is stronger as most other warcries have more useful effects.
  • Fear my Roar resets enemies to 0.25 Atb instead of 0. It is now harder to keep enemies stunlocked.
  • All warcries now generate the same amount of rage.
  • Formulas have been tweaked so that Warcry of Rage skill improves warcries by 50%.


  • Shatter Magic now merges Shatter Light, Dark and Summoning as covered in a previous article. You almost always get some use out of it but at a toned down effect. It is balanced not around a high risk high reward gamble but around sacrificing might skills for moderately weakening the opponent's spells. However the Detain skills are still separate so there is still some smaller risk if you wish to pursue them. Back to the Void is only 50% bonus vs Summoned/Gated units.


  • Warmachines are more useful since tent has more uses and ballista has +4 attack.
  • Warcries no longer have Distract available. That with detain on top is overwhelming for casters.
  • Leadership is an option between Retribution and Empathy. Aura of Swiftness is not available.
  • Offence is a bit stronger and Excruciating Strike deals double damage 100% of the time.



- Goblin effects no longer cause 100% block, whether traps or defile. Defile Magic has improved chance for +30% mana cost or -30% spellpower.
Hp bonus from t1 rage is reduced to +1.

- Goblin Grunt 3rd alt added! Still cowardly but will get a sneak attack on adjacent enemies when your allies attack them :)

- Centaur Nomads now have equal hp/speed as Marauders plus +1 initiative. They also gain Fierce Retaliation so that their retaliation from Maneuver is 100% instead of 50%.
Centaur's +6 attack bonus at t1 rage has been split: +3 at t1 and another +3 at t2 rage.

- Maulers are a little tougher now. They get a bit less hp from t1 rage, a bit less dmg at t2 and they get +9 attack instead of Bash at t3. Warmongers at t3 rage get +9 defence instead of 12.
The Gnolls atm do not have a unique gameplay, they act as a different skin for Maulers.

- Sky Daughters get +1 initiative and speed. At t3 rage, they get spellpower x3 instead of x4 but also get Infernal Chain. This is similar to Chain Lightning except 1) its damage is a bit weaker but not reduced per jump 2) it has no element 3) it requires 15 mana to cast but will not actually spend mana. Enjoy!


- Earth Daughters at t3 rage get +12 defence instead of 15.

- Shaman 3rd alt added! Support-based unit. At t2 they unlock Vulnerability/Dispel and at t3 they unlock Regeneration spell.

- Executioners are immune to Pupppet Master, have improved stats plus +1 speed as compensation for the lack of Aura of Swiftness and the change in Tactics skill.
At t1 rage they get +1 initiative instead of +1 speed.

- Chieftains at t3 rage get +6 damage instead of Double Attack.

- Foul Wyverns have +2 initiative, improved Regeneration and Venom. Venom now affects the undead!

- Bot Cyclopes are immune to Puppet Master and their goblin throws deal 50% damage at a distance instead of 25%. Their damage/hp have been toned down and Fear at t3 rage resets enemies to 50%.
Untamed Cyclopes receive initiative and hp from bloodrage but not damage. Their Crushing Blow triggers more often but resets targets to 50% Atb - including allies :)
Bloodeyed Cyclopes' Evil Eye duration has been reduced to 3 turns.

- Behemoth 3rd alt added! They cannot recover health by eating goblins nor throw them but have Enraged, ignore 25% enemy defence and can inflict wounds for -20% initiative and -1 speed.
You will like it when they're angry!


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