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Story, objectives and content of my mod "Dangerous...Lethal"

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First of all : I am French and not very good at English, so sorry for all the mistakes I made !

Article1 01

Story and Objectives :

Date : Uchronic

Location : North Korea Mountains Valley

Story : Four highly trained American soldiers are sent to a remote valley in North Korea.
They must eliminate General Kyong and six of his henchmen.
Unfortunately the mission goes wrong and the ADAV which transported them is shot down by an anti-aircraft unit.
Since this event, no further contact has been established with them.
After this incident, the North Korean authorities took the decision to seal off all access to the valley and to reinforce the military personnel in the region.
You are Nomad, one of the best soldiers of the special forces, and you have been appointed to carry out an infiltration mission. You are a formidable warrior, you are "Dangerous...Lethal".
It's by a resupply train in which you'll be hidden that you'll enter a North Korean outpost.
You'll then have to fend for yourself to complete the following mission objectives :

- Find where the ADAV crashed and evacuate any survivors.
- Eliminate Kyong's six henchmen.
- Find and kill General Kyong.
- Find and destroy the anti-aircraft unit.
- It's possible that secondary objectives will be assigned to you during the mission.

You're equipped with the Nanosuit, beware as it seems that General Kyong and some of his men also have Nanosuit technology.
Regarding your equipment, it will be minimal to ensure your discretion during the trip.
Once you complete your mission objectives, a helicopter will pick you up at the evacuation point.
An air raid will then take place in order to remove all traces of your passage in the valley.

Article1 02

Content :

- 4 main missions and 2 secondary.
- More than a hundred enemies.
- Many trackview (intro, outro, sequence during the game).
- Detailed environment (North Korean outpost and base, clear forest, construction site, etc...).
- AI quality setup.
- Detailed and realistic sound environment.
- Custom Time of day.
- Mods or part of mod from the Crysis community (Maximum Immersion Mod, Rygel's texture pack, Xtreme FX Mod, Exodus Pines pack).
- Between half an hour and two hours of play (depending on the difficulty, your ability to play and your curiosity to explore !).

Various information :

About 6926 objects :
- AI Setup = 2631
- Brush = 2157
- Grunts = 116
- Objects = 1310
- Road/River = 63
- Vehicles = 39
- Weapons/Ammo = 42
- Others (clouds, sounds, shape, tagpoint, decals, particles, etc..) = 568

Article1 03

Originally I started this map in 2008 under the name "Dismal Life".
I shared it on some Crysis dedicated websites. I had some nice feedback and others much less !

After time passed, the websites closed and my map was deleted from the net. But today I want to improve it, fix bugs and give it a second chance.

Credit :

- Crytek
- All people who created and participate in the mod "Maximum Immersion Mod" (Rygel, Slicer91, Silent, -ShonE-, Xzero, Chicken ...)
- Exodus Team for the "Exodus Pines pack"
- Xigmatek for the "Xtreme FX Mod"
- Mod DB to help us share our creations !

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