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A brief coverage of the stories i currently have in store.

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Kraze Strylight:"Less talking, more to the point..."
Kraze awakens from a constant dream. A regular nobody, sitting on the bars stool waiting for another order of the usual. Time itself seems slow as does his current life. Yet time seems to burst in it's own sort of motion, as bounty hunters bash open demanding fame and fortune. Kraze only smiles, the thrill rises and the world is thrust upon the battle of the two. The smile quickly fades, for it was no more than a temporary bandage, on wounds unknown.

Rookie:"I never thought I'd join..... to cover a war like this..."
Rookie, a name commonly used by his former comrades, now joins the new battalion, Giants Carve. Giants Carve, 6th battalion of the Gargantium army, rests at the coasts of Dragon Cove. After several beach head skirmishes, the troops are scattered amongst the jungle like beach. Now, Rookie must rejoin with his lost team, if they still live, and fight under the righteous rule of the Gargantium Emperor.

Heim Dirk :"This coin, always wins... See, two heads..."
Heim Dirk, from Ok Terenal Republic, was assigned to a secret case along with other detectives around the world. This case would clear the name of the republic from the oncoming war. Mass murder in one of the neighboring kingdoms, the Trivalium Kingdom, was blamed upon dead mercenaries bearing the republic emblem. Faced with an unsolvable case that leaked information all over, Heim Dirk was determined to find such evil and to destroy it completely down to the very last benefactor. However, with nowhere to look, and war denying the usage of civilian border crossing, how will Heim progress?

Deira Shock:"Oh i hate him, i hate him, i... where did he go?!"
Deira Shock, along with old friends, are born mercenaries with pasts long forgotten. Now, under the wings of the Ishiba Corps, they follow order to hunt a single man known to be able to cause massive damage to company reputation and research. With gold stacked high waiting for their arrival, Deira and her crew set out searching for this dangerous man. With old fates closed and new ones blind, they seek refuge in their new profession, hoping to one day see a settling peace come over the once happy friends.

Delta 7/Jack:"A-are you lost? ...come here, its okay... I wont hurt you..."
Delta 7 has long been confined within metal walls. No one to confront her, and no one to protect her. From birth the only light she ever saw were the blinks of electronics. With no memory, and no comfort, she lives on the solitary life. On occasions Doctor Ilith would come visit and take her to big chambers for observations. There she meets the first source of comfort, Jack, whom allows Delta 7 to release all new emotional experiences on him as the world around her collapses in chaos. Pain, inflicts wounds, and sorrow, cuts the veins of the heart. Yet a light, bright enough, reaches ever slightly on her face. small, yet magnificent.

These are but small parts of the overall world of Galaia. A small taste of what to come. Please, comments are always welcome.

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Delta 7/Jack

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