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AFGHAN: THE FORGOTTEN WAR BY MAKIN Originally Published on 07/26/2017

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Introducing a new campaign from Makin'a - "Afghan. Forgotten War", dedicated to the war in Afghanistan 1979-1989.

In the course of completing seven missions of the campaign, the player has the opportunity to find himself in the thick of the Afghan war, fighting against the dushmans on the side of the Limited Contingent of Soviet Forces in Afghanistan (OKSVA).

Brief description of the campaign "Afghan. Forgotten War" for ArmA : Cold War Assault:

  • Place and time of action: Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (DRA), 1985.
  • Side: USSR
  • Localization: Russian/English
  • Campaign duration: 7 missions
  • Rollers: yes (many)
  • Voice acting: yes (voiced in full)
  • Difficulty: above average
  • Compatibility: tested on game version 1.99
  • Additional add-ons: available, included in the archive with the campaign.

The developer would like to thank the members of the OFP community who helped create the campaign:

  • Mikhail Balashov / Repka (assistance with models of special forces, Mujahideen, weapons, as well as voice acting)
  • Nimus (help with models of special forces, Mujahideen, weapons, equipment, portable version of the AGS, as well as translation for English localization)
  • Kamaz (voice)
  • Snu (participation in the process of scoring)
  • –°razy doctor (participation in the process of scoring).

The campaign is set by the mod:

  1. 1. Place the @Afgan folder in the root directory of Operation Flashpoint/ArmA: CWA
  2. 2. In the start label ("Object" column), add a small addition "-nomap -nosplash -mod=@Afgan ").

We wish you all a good game!

Note: I do not own this mod. I just upload great mods that aren't on MODDB so I they can in a place. Since most of OFP mods are already Lost Media

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