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These files control the game modes and features enabled or disabled in BriscoeMod. Edit these files to your liking and enjoy!

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The mod has setting files to allow the player to customize games to their liking. You can enable, disable features or game modes, then start the mod and enjoy!

The settings files are created when you play a map for the first time with BriscoeMod.

The files are placed inside your games directory, this may vary from computer to computer and depends on where you installed the game. Also, the directory is different between the original wic game and the soviet assault expansion. Here is what it may look like on a windows xp computer.

If the files are not being created and/or you notice features are not running correctly, you may need to run the game as an admin so the game has permission to create the files.

Here is a example of one of the files, this is the Domination_Settings file. This file enables or disables all the features when you load a domination map.

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You can add more options in setting files?
You can edit any TA unit or fend off the setting files?

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