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All Information regarding Tiberium Crisis's Scrin Aircraft.

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Aircraft List

Drone Ship


When the GDI ion cannon, by order of Redmond Boyle, attacked Scrin ships on their approach to Earth, they split into thirty-nine of these smaller craft. While lacking in speed, Drone Ships seem to be heavily armoured and, being airborne, may move over any terrain to deploy.

  • Affiliation: Scrin
  • Cost: $3500
  • HP: 5000
  • Armour: Heavy
  • Weapon: None
  • Anti what: None
  • Tech Level: 1
  • Speed: 32
  • Abilities: Deploy into Drone Platform



Fast and versatile, the Stormrider has a strong airframe and is armed with a single, omni-directional plasma cannon with an unlimited power supply. This weapon is capable of engaging both ground and airborne targets but suffers from a relatively weak power output. Stormriders are usually only capable of causing significant damage in groups of four or more. It is an ideal, if expensive, unit for scouting because of its high speed and ability to bypass obstacles as an air unit.

  • Affiliation: Scrin
  • Cost: $1500
  • HP: 780
  • Armour: Medium
  • Weapon: Plasma cannon
  • Anti what: Vehicles and Aircraft
  • Tech Level: 1
  • Speed: 100
  • Abilities: None

Devastator Warship


True to its name, the Devastator Warship is capable of causing grievous damage to units on the ground. Resembling a gigantic floating lobster-like lifeform, every Devastator is armed with plasma disc batteries that possess an impressively long range. These weapons are responsible for much of the destruction wreaked in Earth's Blue zones.

  • Affiliation: Scrin (Except Reaper - 17)
  • Cost: $2400
  • HP: 1300
  • Armour: Heavy
  • Weapon: Plasma disc battery
  • Anti what: Infantry and Structures
  • Tech Level: 2
  • Speed: 40
  • Abilities: Traveler Engines (Traveler - 59 Upgrade)

Planetary Assault Carrier


Resembling a giant, floating fish skeleton, the Planetary Assault Carrier floats above the battlefield, armed with a group of smaller, Scrin "Invader" fighters. The carrier itself has no active weapon and must rely upon the fighters once in combat. When close to an enemy, the weak (but many) slave ships will automatically detach and swarm the target. The resulting barrage of lasers can deal significant damage to both ground and air units. If the fighters are destroyed, the carrier will immediately begin construction of new ones, albeit slowly.

  • Affiliation: Scrin (Except Reaper - 17)
  • Cost: $3000
  • HP: 2000
  • Armour: Heavy
  • Weapon: Invader Fighter launcher
  • Anti what: Vehicles and Structures
  • Tech Level: 3
  • Speed: 32
  • Abilities: Detect Stealth, Create Ion Storm (requires a Signal Transmitter), Traveler Engines (Traveler - 59 Upgrade)

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