Features Explaining the variety of the U.D.H.Z. Saga....

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Some features of the U.D.H.Z. Series include full city enviorments, full inside and out side levels, and a variety of puzzles,shooting, and action/horror/adventure gameplay.... In the "Manifistation" you are a survivor of the unknown outbreak of zombies....While this game takes place in mostly in out side terrian enviorments, the next game, "The Undead Holocaust", takes place in a full city enviorment, which has you search inside of buildings for supplies and wandering around outside in the city lookling for survivors...Next in line is "The Decay" which has you play as a Military officer sent in by the Goverment to wipeout and cover up the inccident that happened in that city....In "The Decay" you will have a high variety of Military weapons for your use....And finally we have the direct sequel to "The Decay",
"The Decay:Rise Of The Dead" which is secret project that will end part one of the U.D.H.Z. Saga.....
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