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This is full changelog just for archiving purpose.

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  • Added 12 enemies (11 humans and 1 dog from "S.T.A.L.K,E.R.").


  • Added 10 enemies (9 humans from "Escape From Tarkov" and 1 additional dog from "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.").
  • Added small testing map listed as "TEST".


  • Added 7 enemies (6 humans from "Kingpin: Life Of Crime" and 1 strange creep in mask with chainsaw from nowhere).
  • Buffed Fanatic's attack range and added to him nice death sequence with explosion and fire,
  • Added palette translation for: Kingpin dudes (purple), Kingpin girls (ligtht blue), Tarkov Scav №4 (red) & Scav №6 (dark blue), Psycho (red).


  • Added 4 enemies (4 humans from "Unreal Tournament").
  • Fixed random spawner that are now not gonna break any special MAP scripts.
  • Removed voice lines from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. enemies referred to stalker.


  • Added 4 enemies (4 humans from "Battlefield 3").
  • Added palette translation for them as well,


  • Added 4 enemies (4 humans from "Battlefield 3").


  • Added 6 enemies (6 humans from "Postal 2").
  • Enemies with following weapons now more brave and not gonna jump off from player if they are close to them: sniper rifle, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, heat-seeker launcher.
  • Decreased some height and radius of projectiles for these weapons so enemies with them now gonna hit targets more often: sniper rifle, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, heat-seeker launcher.
  • Added palette translation for: Battlefield units №6 and №7 (swamp), going postal people from main game (dark-gray) and going postal people from bootleg game (golden).


  • Removed Battlefiend units №5, №6, №7 and №8 due to class prioritization from "Battlefield 3", where was only 4 classes and this is it.
  • Changed skins to: Scav №1, Scav №3. Now they are looking more nice.
  • Optimised algorithms of ACS scripts on testing map. Less lines means less pain to deal with!
  • Changed some weapons sounds to be more relevant to their NPCs.
  • Added 3 enemies ("F.E.A.R.").
  • Added 3 enemies ("Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare").
  • Added 5 enemies ("Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2").
  • Added palette translation for: MW1 Unit №1, №2 and №3 (swamp), MW2 Unit №2, №4 and №5 (desert), Fear Unit №1, №2 and №3 (red).


  • Changed names of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. NPC classes relative to their real factions.
  • Changed death sounds to Postal 2 people.
  • Changed skins of Bear №1, №2 and №3 to more pretty. Thanks to ZikShadow!
  • Changed skin of STLoner, because he was in uniform of MW2C and that was kinda frustrating.
  • Added 3 enemies ("Payday 2").
  • Fixed shuffled Bear members names.
  • Added configure GUI where player can turn off unwanted NPCs, but it is currently not working.


  • Fixed wrong sound names for "Act" of P2Dude1.
  • Added 10 allys ("Grand Theft Auto IV").
  • Changed death sounds of Postal 2 people,


  • Added 4 enemies ("Half-Life 2").
  • Added 4 enemies ("Left 4 Dead").
  • Added 4 enemies ("Left 4 Dead 2").


  • Added 1 strange chick in suit with sten from nowhere
  • Added 3 enemies ("Delta Force 2").
  • Added 3 enemies ("Project I.G.I. 2: Covert Strike").


  • Added 1 enemy ("F.E.A.R. 2").
  • Tried to fix death sprites offsets of Delta Force 2 Russians and Civilians.
  • Killing Civilians now gives player a notice about its death.
  • Rescuing Civilians now evacuates them from the map, but for now without any reward (will be added in future).
  • Reworked Akan's Mercenaries voice lines 'cause i have obtained original files.
  • Reworked Civilians voice lines due to big discovery i recently had.


  • Added 11 enemies ("SWAT 4").


  • Changed dropped weapons to few enemies, so "PlasmaGun" and "BFG-9000" are now can be obtained from several buddies.
  • Added reward for saving Civillians. This working like instant gacha right now. They also printing message after death or rescuing.
  • Added variable of chaos in a way of blank space for random spawner. It may help to decrease enemy counter on the level and also in future it can be disabled as well. For now it gonna decrease population of each map by 20%. I hope that this is not gonna break someone's immersion.
  • Changed skin of FEAR Unit №4.
  • Added 4 enemies ("Far Cry").


  • Changed attack behavior of all hitscanners. Now they are shooting a fast projectiles. I hope that this may make them less frustrating to deal with.
  • Fixed algorithm of alerting friends after first shot. Now timings are proper.
  • Deleted variable of chaos, but completely deleted replacements of Cacodemon, Lost Soul and Pain Elemental, 'cause there is no flying enemies yet and some maps may be unable to get 100% kill on them. Running enemies in the deep pit behind windows are not cool, i think.


  • Fixed position of fire for mercs with rocket launchers.
  • Added replacements for Lost Soul, Cacodemon and Pain Elemental in a way of suicide drone, jetpack guy and assault helicopter.
  • Also added replacement for Archvile in a way of Comissar.
  • Now for slot of Cyberdemon and Spiderdemon gonna fight three new candidates! Meet the Shilka, Tank and Terminator!


  • Fixed broken death sequence of "MW2 Unit C".
  • Added 4 enemy ("Max Payne").
  • Added 4 enemy ("Max Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne").
  • Tried to rearrange replacements, so if there is ZombieMan, then he will be replaced by someone with pistol, not rocket launcher or sniper rifle. I hope, that this new system is more legacy in some way.
  • Gave proper classification for 4 enemies (Shilka -> W40kBaneBlade, Tank -> W40kLemanRuss, Terminator -> W40kKhorneBerserker, Comissar -> W40kComissar).
  • Also gave classification for all Bear & Scav Units as well (now they just have "EFT" before their names).
  • Original enemies now have their classification too.
  • Fixed sizes of several enemies, so they not gonna stuck in level's geometry now.
  • Change skins of "W40kComissar" and "W40kBaneBlade" to be more accurate to their references.
  • Deleted useless voice lines, that are not relevant to player at all.
  • Fixed broken definition of "L4D1 Zoey" voice lines.
  • Tried to negate all friendly fire damage between enemies.


  • Added 3 enemies ("Pariah").
  • Added 14 enemies ("Planet Alcatraz 2").
  • Added 44 enemies ("The Punisher").
  • Changed sprite names of "STEcolog" from 'STEC' to 'ECLG' due to conflict with "Call Of DOOM" mod (some SMG was broken because of this).
  • Changed sprite names of "STMercenary" from 'STME' to 'MRCY' due to conflict with "Scavver's Paradise" mod (that broke some pickup sprite).
  • Killed drones now not gonna alert nearby enemies. That also was done for several enemies, that have little explosion after death sequence.
  • Temporary deleted not working "Spawner Configuration GUI" due to it's uselessness.
  • Slightly increased/decreased scale of sprites where it was needed.
  • Also added some drunk fighter with bare hands.


  • Fixed death sequence of "Thug №7" from "Planet Alcatraz 2".
  • Changed sprite names of "PA2Thug1-PA2Thug14" from 'PP01-PP14' to 'PZ01-PZ14' due to conflict with "EDayVanilla" map pack (some of these mercs was appeared in a way of greeny trees and bushes so it was really messed up).
  • Changed sprite names of "OrigJetpack1" from `JETP` to `JPU1` due to conflict with "TrailBlazer" mod (that broke some pickup sprite).
  • Optimised almost all code so it more structured now.
  • Added new tracer for fire of several mercs. Now it looks more prettier and deadlier.
  • Fixed double defined rotations of "OrigAssasin".
  • Added DoomEdNums to mercs, so cover map now can work without crook stick. Grabbed numbers are starting from 32001.
  • Removed testing map due to it's very poor design. In future i can make something better (i hope).
  • Added cute chimera beast for "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." family.
  • Added junkie helicopter for "Delta Force 2" mercs.
  • Added additional suicide drone and jetpack user so these enemy slots can be more variative.
  • Changed drops of "STHelicopter" and "DF2Helicopter", so these gonna now drop proper mercs and not mashup packs.
  • "STMonolith" now more braver, 'cause earlier he was not too dangerous enough.


  • Fixed death sequence of "Thug №10" from "The Punisher".
  • Fixed wrong voice lines for healing of "Comissar" from "W40k".
  • Added alternative dude for Archvile slot. Embrace the "OrigMedic" with voice lines of Alpha unit from "Paranoia"!
  • Added angry dog from "Postal 2", 'cause "Why not?"
  • Tried to fix possible problem, where dropped armor bonus and health bonus from melee enemies and wild animals can make level impossible to beat at 100% with found item count.
  • Tried to add new behaviour of alerting nearby allys for enemies. Now (i hope) they not gonna alert entire map. Only nearby space.
  • Adjusted speed of walking for "Comissar" and "OrigMedic", so they are more faster now. Weeeee!


  • Added 9 enemies ("Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain") and bonus helicopter related to them.


  • Swapped sprites of two helicopters from "Delta Force 2" and "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain", 'cause first one is supposed to be a "Black Widow" and another one - battle helicopter from Afghanistan.
  • Added a "Fly By" sound for all NPCs rockets, so now it can be possible to hear, why you are dead now.
  • Fixed too short idle sound of 3rd helicopter. I hope, that his behavior gonna be less janky now.
  • Fixed too short playback of death sounds for "W40kLemanRuss", "W40kBaneBlade" and "W40kKhorneBerseker".


  • Rewrited some code for civilians, so it more categorized now.
  • Changed behavior of all mercs, so they are not only can alert nearby friends during their attacks, but they now can alert nearby friend after their death.


  • Fixed wrong death sequence for "The Phantom Pain Soviet №1", where he was blocking the path after his death.
  • Made civilians saving state sequence more polished using proper function.


  • Fixed wrong obituary for dog from "Postal 2".
  • Added 3 enemies ("Counter Strike: Condition Zero (Deleted Scenes)").
  • Added 17 enemies ("Fallout 3").
  • Added 15 enemies ("Command & Conqure: Red Alert 3").
  • Changed sprite names of "STClearSky" from `STCS` to `CLKY` due to conflict with "SoldierZ" mod (that broke some casing sprite).
  • Deleted wrong lines from "RA3Natasha", "L4D2Ellis", "MW1A", "MW1B", "MW1C".


  • Fixed too fast death sequence of "F3Male1" & "F3Female1".
  • Changed blood color of "Akan2" from green to red.
  • Disabled trick of spawning bonuses for melee class, just 'cause they are not gonna be spawned in inaccesible place for player due to fixed spawner.
  • Also disabled trick of spawning enemies for helicopter enemies. It was awful too, i think.
  • Added 4th soldier for "Delta Force 2" army equipped with M40 sniper rifle and redone these enemies, so there is now 4 different soldiers and each one has three different voice banks. Wanted to do this few weeks ago.
  • Added 4th terrorist to "Counter Strike: Condition Zero (Deleted Scenes)" clan equipped with AWP sniper rifle.
  • Added 4th mercenary to "Payday 2" forces equipped with SVD sniper rifle.
  • Added several new guards to "Project I.G.I. 2: Covert Strike" barrack (one with SVD sniper rifle, another with RPG-7 rocket launcher and last with Makarov pistol).


  • Added 9 enemies ("Battlefield: Bad Company").
  • Added 4 enemies ("Battlefield: Bad Company 2").
  • Added 1 enemy ("Man Of Prey").
  • Added 10 enemies ("Urban Chaos").
  • Finally added damned marker to the poor civillians, so you gonna accidently shot them more less. Thanks to RubenMelo's idea that gives me a good start.


  • Added 5 enemies ("Chaser").
  • Fixed wrong spawn of few enemies (dude with RL at the spot of zombieman is just lame).


  • Added 1 missing death frame of poor dude №4 from "Chaser". No more floating around!
  • Added 14 enemies ("Chaser").
  • Added 4 enemies ("Soldier Of Fortune 2: Double Helix").
  • Added 1 enemy ("Kingpin: Life Of Crime").
  • Added missing frame sprite of grenade.


  • Added support for "Corruption Cards" mod. This is going to be so much fun!
  • Added support for "Target Spy" mod. No more ugly technical names!
  • Changed sprite names of "STNewbie" from `STNE` to `STNW` due to conflict with "Atom Rain" mod (that broke new stimpack sprite).


  • Changed sprite name of "STZombie" from 'STZO' to 'SRZY' due to conflict with "Payback Weapons & Characters" mod (that lead to inability to properly load game due to "missing rotation U of STZO sprite").
  • Fixed broken death sequence on "Akan №4".
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