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This is a list of the features I will add in the future.

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Already Working Features:

  • enabling/disabling mods
  • function to remember the last chosen mods
  • steam support
  • no steam support
  • EASY Edition
  • launch parameters
  • support of mod information system
  • mod size display
  • sort mods by name/size
  • parameter shortcuts
  • mod searching

Announced Features:

(sorted by estimated release date)

  • easy mod selection
  • side loading
  • more parameter shortcuts
  • mod grouping
  • performance improvements
  • global mod database

Please let me know your own ideas in the comments.

cooldude117123 - - 6 comments

YES please no steam version as soon as possible! I'm dying to use this haha.

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Guest - - 695,406 comments

A option to select/deselect all mods would be nice. Great mod by the way! :D

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jmmj0103 - - 53 comments

I think a mod preset function would be great. I'm thinking you create a preset, and in this preset you select mods to be activated when the preset is loaded while deactivating those not selected in the preset. I'd like this as I have many mods and some of them use up A LOT of mission slots, so being able to quickly select mods that work with these would be a nice time-saver over having to memorize which mods should be used with others, then having to manually activate/deactivate the appropriate mods.

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