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For Resident Evil 6 This Is A Arc List Of Almost Every Arc Used in RE6

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This An Arc For ALmost Every Thing Used Re6 Note This is Not mine nor Did I Discovered This

All Credit to Adngel, wizard/votc, Evillord, nickru58, re_sherry and djepic112 For Contributing To The List

Also Note This Is A Very Long Long List I Fit What I Could On Here

Here It Is:

pl0000 - Leon

pl0080 - LeonOmake02

pl0090 - LeonOmake00

pl0100 - Helena

pl0110 - HelanaAsia

pl0180 - HelenaOmake02

pl0190 - HelenaOmake00

pl0200 - Chris

pl0280 - ChrisOmake02

pl0300 - Piers

pl0400 - Jake

pl0500 - Sherry

pl0590 - SherryOmake00

pl0600 - Ada

pl0610 - AdaB

pl0620 - Carla

pl0640 - Ada from Ada's Birth cutscene

pl0690 - AdaOmake00

pl0670 - AdaOmake01

pl0680 - AdaOmake02

(mrl files, these count for texture arcs and character arcs)

uPl000_0.mrl (main texture pack for body model)

uPl000_1.mrl (texture pack for right hand)

uPl000_2.mrl (texture pack for left hand)

uPl000_3.mrl (texture pack for face)



uPl00HeadLeonAsia - leon asia head

uPl00HeadLeonDebugId - debug head leon (gives chris)

uPl00HeadLeonOmake00 - pirate head

uPl00HeadLeonOmake01 - pirate head 2

uPl00HeadLeonOmake02 - re2 leon

uPl00HeadLeonUsa - tall oaks leon head

for all heads are also variants like: uPl00ACHeadLeonAsia i assume these are cutscene heads?

uPl00LeonAsia - body asia

uPl00LeonDebugId debug body (re4 like body)

uPl00LeonOmake00 - pirate body red

uPl00LeonOmake01 - blue pirate body

uPl00LeonOmake02 re2 body

uPl00LeonUsa usa body


uPl01HeadHelenaAsia asia helena head

uPl01HeadHelenaDebola head when helena carries debborah

uPl01HeadHelenaDebugId debug helena head

uPl01HeadHelenaOmake00 head for special costume

uPl01HeadHelenaOmake01 head for 2nd special costume

uPl01HeadHelenaOmake02 retro outfit

uPl01HeadHelenaUsa tall oaks helena head

uPl01HelenaAsia asia helena

uPl01HelenaDebola helena + debster

uPl01HelenaDebugId helena debug

uPl01HelenaOmake00 special costume body

uPl01HelenaOmake01 alternate special

uPl01HelenaOmake02 retro outfit body

uPl01HelenaUsa USA helena


uPl02ChrisAsia Asia chris body

uPl02ChrisBad chris body from the opening (drunk in bar)

uPl02ChrisDebugId debug chris body

uPl02ChrisEurope chris europe body

uPl02ChrisOmake00 samurai body

uPl02ChrisOmake01 alternate samurai body

uPl02ChrisOmake02 retro body

uPl02HeadChrisAsia asia head chris

uPl02HeadChrisBad chris bad head (from opening)

uPl02HeadChrisDebugId debug head

uPl02HeadChrisEurope EU head

uPl02HeadChrisOmake00 samurai head

uPl02HeadChrisOmake01 alternate samurai head

uPl02HeadChrisOmake02 retro head


uPl03HeadPiersAsia piers asia head

uPl03HeadPiersCanon piers head mutated j'avo form

uPl03HeadPiersDebugId debug piers head

uPl03HeadPiersEurope EU piers head

uPl03HeadPiersOmake00 special costume head

uPl03HeadPiersOmake01 alternate

uPl03HeadPiersOmake02 retro head

uPl03HeadPiersPersonal piers head opening scene

uPl03PiersAsia asia piers

uPl03PiersCanon piers as j'avo body

uPl03PiersDebugId debug piers body

uPl03PiersEurope EU piers body

uPl03PiersOmake00 special costume body

uPl03PiersOmake01 alternate

uPl03PiersOmake02 retro

uPl03PiersPersonal body piers opening

uPl0300InjArm - Piers's right arm. (the original human one).


uPl04HeadJakeAsia jake asia head

uPl04HeadJakeDebugId debug head jake

uPl04HeadJakeEurope eu jake head

uPl04HeadJakeMonitor jake in "chinese prison" head

uPl04HeadJakeOmake00 pimp head jake

uPl04HeadJakeOmake01 alternate pimp head

uPl04HeadJakeOmake02 retro head

uPl04HeadJakeSnow snow jake head

uPl04JakeAsia jake asia body

uPl04JakeDebugId debug jake body

uPl04JakeEurope jake EU body

uPl04JakeMonitor jake wearing only a towel (chinese prison jake)
uPl04JakeOmake00 special 1 body (pimp)

uPl04JakeOmake01 alternate pimp

uPl04JakeOmake02 retro body

uPl04JakeSnow jake in the snow body


uPl05HeadSherryAsia asia head

uPl05HeadSherryDebugId debug head

uPl05HeadSherryEurope eu head

uPl05HeadSherryMonitor chinese prison head

uPl05HeadSherryOmake00 special 1 head

uPl05HeadSherryOmake01 alternate head

uPl05HeadSherryOmake02 retro head

uPl05HeadSherrySnow snow head

uPl05SherryAsia asia sherry body

uPl05SherryDebugId debug body

uPl05SherryEurope EU body

uPl05SherryMonitor chinese prison body (fanservice model)

uPl05SherryOmake00 special 1

uPl05SherryOmake01 alternate body

uPl05SherryOmake02 retro

uPl05SherrySnow snow sherry


uPl06AdaA - Ada body

uPl06AdaB - Nude Ada

uPl06AdaCarla carla body

uPl06AdaDebugId ada debug body

uPl06AdaOmake00 china dress

uPl06AdaOmake01 alternate

uPl06AdaOmake02 retro

uPl06HeadAdaA - Ada head

uPl06HeadAdaB ada nude head

uPl06HeadAdaCarla carla head

uPl06HeadAdaDebugId debug ada head

uPl06HeadAdaOmake00 china dress head

uPl06HeadAdaOmake01 alternate

uPl06HeadAdaOmake02 retro head


uPl07HeadHelper agent head

uPl07HelperNormal agent body


uPl30Ellis ellis body

uPl30HeadEllis ellis head

uPl40Coach coach body

uPl40HeadCoach coach head

uPl50HeadNick nick head

uPl50Nick nick body

uPl60Rochelle rochelle body

uPl60HeadRochelle rochelle head

Debug character:

uPl99DebugModelTest - re5 chris

uPl99DebugNormal debug body - weird re4 leon with blocky holsters on legs

uPl99HeadDebug debug head - a hand?

uPlEmo: Voices (Wait,Follow me,etc)

uPlVoice: Effect Sounds (Example: Taunt)

Characters Textures

uPlTex0000_0 - Leon Tall Oaks

uPlTex0000_1 - Leon Tall Oaks Dirty

uPlTex0000_2 - Leon Tall Oaks Dirty (¿similar?)

uPlTex0010_0 - Leon Asia

uPlTex0010_1 - Leon Asia Dirty 1

uPlTex0010_2 - Leon Asia Dirty 2 (The same that Dirty 1 with new face specular sweat)

uPlTex0010_3 - Leon Asia Dirty 3

uPlTex0100_0 - Helena Tall Oaks

uPlTex0100_1 - Helena Tall Oaks Dirty

uPlTex0100_2 - Helena Tall Oaks Dirty (Similar?)

uPlTex0110_0 - Helena Asia

uPlTex0110_1 - Helena Asia Dirty 1

uPlTex0110_2 - Helena Asia Dirty 2 (The same that Dirty 1 with new face specular sweat)

uPlTex0110_3 - Helena Asia Dirty 3

uPlTex0200_0 - Chris Asia

uPlTex0200_1 - Chris Asia (Specular sweat)

uPlTex0200_2 - Chris Asia Dirty 2

uPlTex0200_3 - Chris Asia Dirty 3 (Dirty 2 with scar)

uPlTex0200_4 - Chris Asia Dirty 4

uPlTex0300_0 - Piers Asia

uPlTex0300_1 - Piers Asia (Specular sweat)

uPlTex0300_2 - Piers Asia Dirty 2

uPlTex0400_0 - Jake Europe

uPlTex0400_1 - Jake Europe (Specular sweat)

uPlTex0400_2 - Jake Europe (Only head dirty)

uPlTex0400_3 - Jake Europe Dirty. (Snow Level)

uPlTex0420_0 - Jake Asia

uPlTex0420_1 - Jake Asia Dirty

uPlTex0420_2 - Jake Asia Dirty (Specular sweat)

uPlTex0420_3 - Jake Asia Dirty 2 (in the Underwater facility)

uPlTex0500_0 - Sherry Europe

uPlTex0500_1 - Sherry Europe Dirty 1 (Specular sweat)

uPlTex0500_2 - Sherry Europe Dirty 2 (Snow Level)

uPlTex0500_3 - Sherry Europe Dirty 3 (Snow Level) ¿?.

uPlTex0520_0 - Sherry Asia

uPlTex0520_1 - Sherry Asia (Specular sweat)

uPlTex0520_2 - Sherry Asia Dirty 1

uPlTex0520_3 - Sherry Asia Dirty 2 (Underwater facility)

uPlTex0600_0 - Ada

uPlTex0600_1 - Ada Dirty 1 (Specular sweat)

uPlTex0600_2 - Ada Dirty 2


weapons arcs:
uWp0000 - ? hand to hand. no models
uwp1010 - 909
uwp1011 - picador
uwp1012 - wing shooter
uwp1020 - small shotgun
uwp1021 - assault shotgun
uwp1022 - hydra
uwp1030 - lightning hawk
uwp1031 - elephant killer
uwp1040 - bolt action sniper rifle
uwp1041 - semi auto sniper rifle
uwp1050 - anti material rifle
uwp1051 - CUBE!
uwp1060 - ammobox 50
uwp1061 - tripple shot
uwp1062 - machine gun that can switch between multi and single shot (piers pistol weapon thing)
uwp1063 - weird tripple shot
uwp1070 - machine for for special tactics
uwp1071 - bear commander
uwp1072 - machine gun with bayonet
uwp1080 - grenade launcher
uwp1090 - hand grenade
uwp1091 - hand grenade aswell?
uwp1092 - incendiary grenade
uwp1093 - incendiary nade again?
uwp1094 - flash grenade
uwp1095 - flash nade
uwp1096 - remote bomb
uwp1097 - remote bomb
uwp1100 - crossbow
uwp1110 - knife
uwp1111 - knife (bigger then uwp1110)
uwp1112 - stun rod
uwp1120 - rocketlauncher
uwp1130 - no model or textures
uwp1150 - gun turret from BSAA Jeep
uwp1151 - gun turret
uwp1152 - gun turret
uwp1153 - gun turret without protection plates on the front
uwp1160 - tablet case
uwp1161 - leons phone?
uwp1163 - chris' magical hologram tube phone
uwp1165 - jake'd PDA phone
uwp1167 - ada's cube phone
uwp1173 - lip stick????? might also be first aid spray
uwp1200 - ammo box 50 again. textures refering back to wp1060
uwp1201 - j'avo sniper rifle
uwp1202 - j'avo heavy machine gun
uwp1203 - grenade launcher
uwp1204 - rocket launcher
uwp1205 - j'avo stun rod
uwp1206 - machette
uwp1207 - knife
uwp1208 - neo umbrella j'avo blade
uwp1209 - magnum
uwp1210 - assault rifle looks exactly like chris' default rifle for special tactics
uwp1212 - PIPE!
uwp1213 - baseball bat
uwp1214 - 3 grenades bundled together
uwp1215 - 909 probably for the NPCs with guns
uwp1216 - assault rifle for special tactics for NPCs
uwp1217 - same as 1216
uwp1218 - itchita shotgun?
uwp1219 - bolt action rifle
uwp1220 - wooden plank?
uwp1221 - fire axe
uwp1222 - same as 1221
uwp1223 - fire extinguisher
uwp1224 - golf club
uwp1225 - sledge hammer
uwp1226 - bottle
uwp1227 - shovel
uwp1228 - butcher knife
uwp1229 - crank
uwp1230 - lantern
uwp1231 - wooden plank? same as 1220
uwp1232 - flashlight?
uwp1239 - machette
uwp1240 - stick of dynamite
uwp1241 - big kitchen knife
uwp1244 - motherly saint statue
uwp1245 - catacombs zombie axe
uwp1246 - sharp metal pipe
uwp1300 - crossbow bolt
uwp1301 - explosive bolt
uwp1302 - bullet
uwp1303 - bullet
uwp1304 - bullet
uwp1305 - rocketlauncher rocket
uwp1307 - no model or texture
uwp1308 - no model or texture
uwp1309 - no model or texture
uwp1313 - rocketlauncher rocket
uwp1315 - empty model?
uwp1316 - ? model refers to em2030 (guy with beehead)
uwp1317 - incendiary grenade?
uwp1318 - normal grenade
uwp1319 - flash grenade
uwp1320 - ? no model or texture
uwp1321 - ?
uwp1322 - ?
uwp1323 - ?
uwp1324 - ?
uwp1325 - ?
uwp1326 - some sort of rocket? refers to sm5013
uwp1327 - ?
uwp1328 - ?
uwp1330 - ?
uwp1331 - ?
uwp1332 - ?
uwp1333 - ?
uwp1334 - ?
uwp1335 - some kind of arrow?
uwp1336 - ?
uwp1337 - ?
uwp1338 - some sort of rocket? same as 1326. refers to sm5013
uwp1339 - ?
uwp1341 - ?
uwp1342 - ?
uwp1343 - ?
uwp1344 - molotov cocktail
uwp1345 - molotov cocktail
uwp1346 - ?
uwp1347 - ?
uwp1348 - ?
uwp1349 - ?
uwp1350 - ? there is some kind of filter folder?
uwp1351 - a missle? refers to stage0851 (airplane leon 4-4) also refers to sm5020 and sm5007
uwp1352 - ? just sound files
uwp1353 - ?
uwp1354 - ?
uwp1355 - a missile?
uwp1356 - ?
uwp1357 - just sound
uwp1358 - ?
uwp1359 - just sound
uwp1360 - bullet
uwp1361 - ?
uwp1362 - just soft folder
uwp1363 - a missle? refers to stage0851 (airplane leon 4-4) also refers to sm5020 and sm5007
uwp1364 - a hexagonal object
uwp1365 - balls of goo?
uwp1366 - ?
uwp1367 - ? just a soft folder
uwp1368 - ? blank model file
uwp1369 - ? blank model file
uwp1370 - ?
uwp1371 - ?
uwp1372 - ?
uwp1373 - ?
uwp1374 - ?
uwp1375 - ? refers to em6200 which should be one of simmons' mutations
uwp1376 - ?
uwp1377 - ball of goo. has slime/web like textures. refers to em1370
uwp1378 - ? refers to em8000 (HAOS)
uwp1379 - ? just a soft folder
uwp1380 - ?
uwp1381 - ? just a soft folder
uwp1383 - fire extinguisher
uwp1384 - ? just a soft folder
uwp1385 - ? refers to em6200
uwp1386 - rocketlauncher rocket. same as wp1313
uwp1387 - 3 grenades bundled together


Enemies, PNJ's and vehicles

em1000 - China Javo

em1100 - well dressed javo

em1200 - Snowstorm Javo

em1370 - Chrysalid

em1400 - lost planet javo

em2000 - Glava-Sluz

em2010 - Glava-Smech

em2020 - Glava-Begunats

em2030 - Glava-Dim

em2100 - Ruka-Srp

em2120 - Ruka-Khvatanje

em2140 - Ruka-Bedem

em2200 - Noga-Trchanje

em2210 - Noga-Let

em2220 - Noga-Skakanje

em2230 - Noga-Oklop

em2300 - Telo-Eksplozija

em2310 - Telo-Krljusht

em2320 - Telo-Magla

em3000 - Lizard thing which fires needles

em3100 - Mesets (snowstorm birds)

em3200 - Napad (secret enemy in s1102, big armoured mutation) em3300 - Bees

em3300 - Debug mesh (also contain the crysalid cocoon em1370).

em3301 - Debug mesh (also contain the crysalid cocoon em1370).

em3310 - Debug mesh (also contain the crysalid cocoon em1370).

em3320 - Gnezdo, queen bee.

em3700 - L4D2 Tank

em3800 - L4D2 Witch

em4100 - Lepotista (Boss enemy you encounter in cathedral)

em4200- Brzark

em4300 - Chainsaw boss

em4400 - Iluzija

em4400_s504 - Iluzija (¿Always visible shader version?).

em4500 - Deborah?

em4700 - Rasklapanje

em4701 - Rasklapanje's upper body.

em4710 - Rasklapanje's Right hand.

em4720 - Rasklapanje's Left hand.

em4730 - Rasklapanje's Waist's guts? (upper?)

em4731 - Rasklapanje's Waist's guts? (bottom?)

em4732 - Rasklapanje's Wrist's guts? (right?)

em4733 - Rasklapanje's Wrist's guts? (left?)

em4800 - Ogroman (4000 health in requiem)

em5000 - Zombies

em5000 - Male Citizen Zombies.

em5000 Axe - The Axe object alone.

em5000 Base - ¿¿¿??? (no model inside).

em5000 Bomb - A grenade object.

em5000 Cap - A cap object.

em5000 CataAxe - An antique Axe from Catacombs.

em5000 Catch - No model, there are only some animations.

em5000 Citizen - No model, there are only some animations.

em5000 Dummy - ¿Some Bloodshot creatures?

em5000 Eye - The rubi eye of Ada Chapter 2.

em5000 FakeDead - No model, there are only some animations.

em5000 Fire - ¿¿¿??? No model

em5000 Geo - No model, there are only some animations.

em5000 Hatchet - Sword (Something like a Machete).

em5000 Helmet - Yellow Helmet with glass visor (Firemen?).

em5000 Helmet Light - Yellow Helmet with light (Worker?).

em5000 KKnife - A Knife object.

em5000 Pipe - A Pipe object.

em5000 Tooth - The golden tooth of Ada Chapter 2.

em5000 Vest - A belt vest with several grenades attached.

em5000 Weapon - No model, there are only some animations.

em5005 - em5000 but with 2 dead human face textures. (palid skin)

em5010 - Female Citizen Zombies.

em5015 -

em5030 - Formal male human.

em5031 - Formal male human zombie.

em5035 - Formal female human.

em5036 - Formal female zombie

em5050 - BSAA zombie

em5060 - BSAA zombie (I don't know the differencies with em5050 yet).

em5070 - Male zombie/human? (Similar mesh to the em5000 again).

em5071 - Male zombe/human? (Similar mesh to the em5000 again).

em5075 - Male zombe/human? (Similar mesh to the em5000 again).

em5080 - Female zombie/human? (Similar mesh to the em5000 again).

em5081 - Female zombie/human? (Similar mesh to the em5000 again).

em5085 - Female zombie/human? (Similar mesh to the em5000 again).

em5100 - Male civilian

em5110 - Female civilian

em5120 - Male zombie/humans? (Similar mesh to the em5000 but with less files).

em5120Base - No Model, just animations and things for male humans PNJ's.

em5130 - Female humans (Similar mesh to the em5010 but with less files).

em5140 - Hunnigan (cutscene only)

em5150 - President ADAM (cutscene only)

em5160 - Zombie president

em5170 - Scientist human.

em5171 - Scientist zombie.

em5180 - Human cops. (it also contain a different texture which I think, is the rookie cop).

em5181 - Police zombie

em5190 -Human Fireman.

em5191 - Fireman zombie (800 health in urban chaos)

em5200 - ¿Zombie/Human? chineese with suits outfits (as zombies of Quad Tower roof).

em5210 - Chinese Female Zombies.

em5300 - It has the em 5200. (Chinese formal male).

em5301 - It has the em 5300: Male formal pnj.

em5310 - Chinese Female Human.

em5311 - It's a copy of the 5310

em5320 - Female UN hostage of the 6th floor

em5330 - Female UN hostage of the 1st floor

em5340 - Male UN hostage of the 7th floor

em5350 - Policemen (human) (the body is the same than em5180)

em5351 - Policemen (zombies) (the body is the same than em5180)

em5400 - Catacomb Zombies

em5420 - Female zombie?

em5450 - Civillians (The Chinese guy and the owner of the weapon store?)

em5451 - The survivor policeman of the weapon store. (i remembered him more slim O.ò).

em5452 - It's a copy of the 5450

em5453 - It's a copy of the 5450

em5454 - It's a copy of the 5450

em5455 - The survivor red haired girl from the weapon store.

em5456 - Man with the keycard in the mines (Jake chapter 2)

em5457 - Woman of the underground train (Peter's wife/mother).

em5458 - Liz's father.

em5459 - Liz's head (human) (her body is one from the generic em5110)

em5460 - Liz's ponytail

em5461 - I't a copy of the 5455.

em5462 - It's a copy of the 5450.

em5490 - It's a copy of the 5400. Catacomb Zombies (aaarl, There you are >D , thanks god that I decided start by the end XD)

em5499 - Child of the Secret Epilogue

em5500 - Shrieker

em5600 - whopper

em5700 - zombie dog (default health is 120 in urban chaos)

Em5800 - Europe BSAA Soldiers
Em5810 - Finn Macauley
Em5810Head - Finn's Head model and textures
Em5900 - Asia BSAA Soldiers
Em5910 - Marco, Chapter 3 soldier that dies from C-virus shot
Em5913Head - Marco's head model and textures
Em5911 - Keaton First soldier that dies from snake BOW in Chapter 3.
Em5911Head - Keaton's Head model. despite having a balcalva on in the game he has a face texture and that might ean you can remove the balcalva from his head model. i don't have 3ds max so i don't know for sure.
Em5912 - Reid. he doesn't have a seperate head model because he shares it with the default BSAA Soldiers
Em5913 - Jeff. Last soldier to die from the snake BOW. he has a shotgun unlike all the other soldiers
Em5913Head - Jeff's head model and textures.

em6000 - Simmons (train form?)

em6040 - Human infected Simmons with cuts (body)

em6040 Head - Human infected Simmons with cuts (head)

em7000 - Ustanak

em7010 - Ustanak's arm (Predator standard hook).

em7011 - Ustanak's arm (Needles from Jake's chapter 1).

em7015 - Ustanak's arm (Similar mesh than em7010). (Jake's chapter 1 on the plane?).

em7020 - Ustanak's arm (Gatling Gun from Jake's chapter 1 ending).

em7030 - Ustanak's arm (Drill from Jake's chapter 2).

em7040 - Ustanak's cage for Jake. (From Leon and Jake crossover).

em7045 - Ustanak's cage for Jake. (Similar mesh than em7045).

em7050 - Ustanak's arm (Shotgun from Leon and Jake crossover).

em7055 - Ustanak's arm (Similar mesh than em7055).

em7060 - Ustanak's arm (Spike ball).

em7070 - Ustanak's arm (Claws). (I don't remember this one, maybe in the battle against Jake at the end?

em7100 - ¿¿¿??? There are not model inside, just several files which I don't recognize... (maybe something related with characters positions when are grabbed by Ustanak?).

em7200 - ¿¿¿??? Other file with any camera info.

em7300 - ¿¿¿??? Cameras and an instace of the em7400

em7400 - Ustanak with stomach wound (i.e. Ustanak after Jake's chapter 2 drills battle).

em7500 - Ustanak burnt (Jake's chapter 5).

em7600 - Ustanak clean (Similar mesh than em7000Base).

em7900 - Ustanak's Okos.

em8000 - HAOS

(There are several files of HAOS em80_ _.arc, they looks cotains similar models and textures, but surely will react differently in a model swap).

em8100 Carla's mutant clone.

em8105 (Inside of em8100 and em8100SporeBase) Carla's mutant clone's birth egg.

em8200 - Carla (cutscene only)

em9000 - rats?

em9020 - dummy?

em9908 - snowmobile



s0000 - ?

s0001 - ?

s0002 - ?

s0003 - ?

s0008 - ?

s0009 - ?

s0010 - ?

s0020 - ?

s0101 - Leon chapter 1, "1-3 Underground"

s0102 - Leon chapter 1, "1-4 The Town"

s0103 - Leon chapter 1, "1-5 Gun Shop" (agent hunt)

s0104 - Leon chapter 1, "1-1 Campus - Visitors Room" (demo1 level)

s0105 - Leon chapter 1, "1-2 Campus" (demo2 level)

s0200 - Leon chapter 2, "2-2 Graveyard" (agent hunt)

s0201 - Leon chapter 2, "2-3 Cathedral"

s0202 - Leon chapter 2, "2-4 Underground Lab"

s0203 - Leon chapter 2, "2-7 Altar Corridor" (also Leon chapter 3-1) (also Ada chapter 2-2) (4 player coop)

s0204 - Leon chapter 3, "3-2 Catacombs"

s0206 - Leon chapter 3, "3-3 Cavern" (agent hunt)

s0207 - Ada chapter 2, "2-1 Forest Cemetery"

s0209 - Leon chapter 2, "2-6 Primitive Altar"

s0210 - Leon chapter 2, "1-1 The Bus"

s0250 - Leon chapter 3, "3-4 Underground Water Channel"

s0272 - Ada chapter 2, "2-3 Underground Lab"

s0279 - Leon chapter 2, "2-5 Primitive Altar Entrance"

s0300 - Chris chapter 2, "2-1 City in Eastern Europe" (demo2 level)

s0301 - Chris chapter 2, "2-2 The Bridge"

s0302 - Chris chapter 2, "2-3 In Front of City Hall" (also Jake chapter 1-4) (4 player coop)

s0303 - Chris chapter 2, "2-4 City Hall"

s0304 - Jake chapter 1, "1-1 The Sewer"

s0305 - Jake chapter 1, "1-2 Water Channel" (demo1 level)

s0306 - Jake chapter 1, "1-5 Inside the Helicopter"

s0307 - Jake chapter 1, "1-3 Undeground Passage"

s0400 - Jake chapter 2, "2-1 Mountain Path" (agent hunt)

s0401 - Jake chapter 2, "2-2 Snow-Covered Mountain"

s0402 - Jake chapter 2, "2-3 Cave"

s0500 - Chris chapter 1, "1-1 Main Street"

s0501 - Chris chapter 1, "1-2 Back Street"

s0502 - Chris chapter 1, "1-3 Rooftops" (demo1 level)

s0503 - Chris chapter 1, "1-4 Tenement"

s0504 - Chris chapter 3, "3-1 Tenement - Poisawan Entrance"

s0506 - Chris chapter 3, "3-2 Poisawan Courtyard" (also Jake chapter 4-2) (4 player coop)

s0507 - Chris chapter 3, "3-3 Poisawan Inner Area"

s0508 - Chris chapter 3, "3-4 Stilt Housing Area" (agent hunt)

s0509 - Ada chapter 3, "3-2 Shopping District"

s0510 - Leon chapter 4, "4-2 Airplane Crash Site" (also Jake chapter 4-5) (4 player coop)

s0511 - Leon chapter 4, "4-3 Market" (agent hunt)

s0512 - Leon chapter 4, "4-4 Medical Research Center" (also Chris chapter 3-5) (4 player coop)

s0514 - Leon chapter 4, "4-5 Train"

s0515 - Jake chapter 4, "4-3 Poisawan - Shopping District"

s0516 - Ada chapter 3, "3-3 Train"

s0550 - Chris chapter 4, "3-6 Main Thoroughfare"

s0551 - Jake chapter 4, "4-1 City and Highway"

s0552 - Leon chapter 4, "4-1 Inside the Airplane"

s0574 - Ada chapter 3, "3-1 Tenement - Bin Street"

s0578 - Jake chapter 4, "4-6 Stilt Housing Area" (also Ada chapter 3-4) (4 player coop)

s0579 - Jake chapter 4, "4-4 Shopping District" (demo2 level) (agent hunt)

s0600 - Jake chapter 3, "3-1 Research Facility - Detention Center"

s0601 - Jake chapter 3, "3-2 Research Facility - Living Quarters" (agent hunt)

s0602 - Jake chapter 3, "3-3 Research Facility - Entrance"

s0700 - Leon chapter 4, final level

s0701 - Leon chapter 5, "5-2 High-Rise Area"

s0702 - Leon chapter 5, 5-4 "Quad Tower" (also Ada chapter 5-4) (4 player coop)

s0703 - Ada chapter 5, "5-3 Quad Tower Roof"

s0704 - ? no stage arc's

s0705 - Ada chapter 5, final level

s0706 - Leon chapter 5, "5-3 Quad Tower Entrance" (also Ada chapter 5-2) (4 player coop)

s0751 - Ada chapter 5, "5-1 High-Rise Area"

s0770 - Leon chapter 5, "5-1 Port Area" (also used as end of Leon chapter 4?)

s0771 - Prelude

s0773 - Leon chapter 5, "5-5 Quad Tower Roof"

s0800 - Chris chapter 4, "4-1 Aircraft Carrier - Rear Hangar" (agent hunt)

s0801 - Chris chapter 4, "4-2 Aircraft Carrier - Bridge"

s0802 - Ada chapter 4, "4-1 Aircraft Carrier - Forward Hangar"

s0804 - Ada chapter 4, "4-3 Aircraft Carrier Interior"

s0851 - Chris chapter 4, "4-4 Airspace over Aircraft Carrier"

s0871 - Ada chapter 4, "4-2 Aircraft Carrier - Bridge"

s0872 - Chris chapter 4, "4-3 Aircraft Carrier - Forward Hangar" (agent hunt)

s0901 - Chris chapter 5, "5-1 Underwater Facility" (agent hunt)

s0902 - Chris chapter 5, "5-2 Underwater Facility - Lower Levels" (also Jake chapter 5-2) (4 player coop)

s0903 - Chris chapter 5, "5-4 Emergency Escape Route"

s0904 - Jake chapter 5, "5-1 Underwater Facility 1" (agent hunt)

s0905 - Jake chapter 5, "5-3 Underwater Facility 2"

s0950 - Jake chapter 5, "5-4 Shipping Center"

s0972 - ? no model files

s0973 - Chris chapter 5, "5-5 Emergency Escape Route"

s1000 - Ada chapter 1, "1-1 Submarine Interior"

s1001 - Ada chapter 1, "1-2 Submarine - Reactor"

s1003 - Ada chapter 1, "1-3 Submarine - Torpedo Room"

s1100 - Leon chapter 1, intro (cutscene)

s1101 - Jake chapter 1, intro (cutscene)

s1102 - leon ending. graveyard at debsters grave (ending cutscene)

s1110 - Chris chapter 1, intro (cutscene)

s1111 - chris ending room. escape pod launch room. (cutscene)

s1112 - Chris chapter 5, intro (cutscene)

s1120 - plane also includes "desert" with road where jake rides a bike. sherry/jake ending

s1130 - Ada chapter 1, intro (cutscene)

s1140 - "fair's fair kid". special ending cutscene stage

s1151 - Cutscene with Sherry and Leon confronting Simmons

s1152 - ? an outside area with lots of trees a cliff and a lake? stage from the jake & sherry meet carla cutscene?

mercenaries stages:

s1200 - Rail Yard

s1201 - Requiem for War

s1202 - Urban Chaos

s1203 - Mining the Depths

s1204 - High Seas Fortress

s1205 - Catacombs

s1206 - Steel Beast

s1207 - Rooftop

s1208 - Creature Workshop

s1209 - Liquid Fire

no mercy stages:

s1210 - Rail Yard

s1211 - Requiem for War

s1212 - Urban Chaos

s1213 - Mining the Depths

s1214 - High Seas Fortress

s1215 - Catacombs

s1216 - Steel Beast

s1217 - Rooftop

s1218 - Creature Workshop

s1219 - Liquid Fire

onslaught stages:

s1300 - Rail Yard

s1301 - Requiem for War

s1302 - Urban Chaos

s1303 - Mining the Depths

s1304 - High Seas Fortress

s1305 - Catacombs

s1306 - Steel Beast

s1307 - Rooftop

s1308 - Creature Workshop

s1309 - Liquid Fire

survivors stages:

s1400 - Rail Yard

s1401 - Requiem for War

s1402 - Urban Chaos

s1403 - Mining the Depths

s1404 - High Seas Fortress

s1405 - Catacombs

s1406 - Steel Beast

s1407 - Rooftop

s1408 - Creature Workshop

s1409 - Liquid Fire

predator stages:

s1500 - Rail Yard

s1501 - Requiem for War

s1502 - Urban Chaos

s1503 - Mining the Depths

s1504 - High Seas Fortress

s1505 - Catacombs

s1506 - Steel Beast

s1507 - Rooftop

s1508 - Creature Workshop

s1509 - Liquid Fire

siege stages:

s1600 - Rail Yard

s1601 - Requiem for War

s1602 - Urban Chaos

s1603 - Mining the Depths

s1604 - High Seas Fortress

s1605 - Catacombs

s1606 - Steel Beast

s1607 - Rooftop

s1608 - Creature Workshop

s1609 - Liquid Fire



e1000 - Death of a President (s1100)

e1370 - Survivor (s0104)

e1375 - Liz's Death (s0104)

e1380 - Out of Time (s0104)

e1010 - Underground Nightmare (s0101)

e1040 - Bus Escape (s0210)

e1045 - Tragic Accident (s0210)

e1050 - Tall Oaks Cathedral (s0201)

e1060 - From Whence Hell Came (s0201)

e1070 - Ada's Birth (s0202)

e1080 - Sororal Reunion (s0279)

e1090 - Deborah's Transformation (s0203)

e1100 - Fearsome Foe (s0203)

e1105 - Derek Enters the Stage (s0203)

e1110 - To China (s01152)

e1120 - Cocoon in the Cockpit (s0552)

e5110 - Plane Crash (pre-rendered)

e1140 - Raccoon City Reunion (s0510)

e1150 - Separated (s0510)

e1160 - Chasing Down Ada (s0512)

e1170 - Leon vs. Chris (s0512)

e1180 - Derek's True Nature (s1151)

e1190 - Final Showdown with Derek Simmons (s0514)

e1200 - Abandoned (s0514)

e1210 - Emergency Situation (s0700)

e1215 - Leon and Chris' Conversation (s0770)

e1320 - Life or Death (s0771)

e1230 - Zombie Wasteland (s0701)

e1340 - We're Not Done Yet (s0771)

e1350 - Ingrid Hunnigan (s0771)

e1360 - Time for a New Pilot (s0771)

e1330 - It's Only Going to Get Worse (s0771)

e1240 - You Won't Be Missed (s0706)

e1250 - To the Roof (s0706)

e1260 - Sudden Stop (s0702)

e1270 - The Ties That Bind (s0702)

e1280 - Final Battle (s0773)

e1290 - End of an Enemy (s0773)

e1300 - Escape from the Tower (s0773)

e1310 - Trouble with Women (S1102)


e2030 - Eastern Europe, Six Months Ago (s0300)

e2040 - Urban Warfare (s0302)

e2050 - Seizing the city (s0302)

e2060 - Enter Ada Wong (s0303)

e2070 - Ada's Trap (s0303)

e2000 - Fallen Hero (s1110)

e2010 - Mutations (s0501)

e2020 - Cocoons (s0503)

e2080 - Quiet Anger (s0504)

e2090 - Battle in Poisawan (s0506)

e2100 - Chopper Attack (s0506)

e2110 - Unseen Enemy (s0507)

e2115 - Danger Zone (s0507)

e2120 - Ada's Cruelty (s0507)

e2130 - Conflict (s0507)

e2140 - Chasing Down Ada (s0512)

e2150 - Leon vs. Chris (s0512)

e2160 - Declaration of Victory (s0800)

e2170 - Ada's Demise? (s0801)

e2190 - Deadly Missiles (s0851)

e2195 - Leon and Chris' Conversation (s0770)

e2220 - The Longest Elevator (s1112)

e2230 - Remote Rescue (s0901)

e2240 - Blood Ties (s0902)

e2260 - The Cocoon Hatches! (s0902)

e2270 - Destruction of the Underwater Facility (s0972)

e2280 - Close Call! (s0903)

e2300 - The Last Weapon (s0973)

e2310 - Goodbye, Piers (s1111)

e2320 - The War Isn't Over (s1110)


e3000 - Boy Meets Girl (s1101)

e3010 - Sherry's Mission (s0304)

e3020 - Ustanak, the Tracker (s0305)

e3040 - Urban Warfare (s0302)

e3050 - Seizing the City (s0302)

e3060 - Contract Concluded (s0306)

e3070 - Sherry's Unique Ability (s0400)

e3080 - Mountain Retreat (s0401)

e3090 - It's Always Something (s0402)

e3100 - China, Six Months Later (s0600)

e3110 - Sherry's Great Escape (s0600)

e3120 - Six-Month Reunion (s0600)

e3125 - Six-Month Reunion (Sherry) (s0600)

e3130 - The Computer Room (s0601)

e3135 - Speeding Bike (s0551)

e3140 - Battle in Poisawan (s0506)

e3150 - Chopper Attack (s0506)

e3170 - Raccoon City Reunion (s0510)

e3180 - Separated (s0510)

e3190 - To the Boat (s0578)

e3200 - Ubistvo Defeated (s0578)

e3210 - Derek's True Nature (s1151)

e3220 - Worry (s0904)

e3230 - Blood Ties (s0902)

e3250 - The Cocoon Hatches (s0902)

e3260 - Ustanak Immolated (s0905)

e3270 - Good Riddance (s0905)

e3290 - The Bullet of Destiny (s0950)

e3295 - No More Running (s0950)

e3300 - A Promise and a Goodbye (s1120)


e4000 - The Submarine (s1130)

e4040 - Ada Takes Action (s1003)

e4050 - Deborah's Transformation (s0203)

e4060 - Fearsome Foe (s0203)

e4070 - A Trip to China (s0272)

e4090 - Monster in a China Shop (s0509)

e4110 - To the Boat (s0578)

e4120 - Ubistvo Defeated (s0578)

e4130 - Derek's Goal (s0871)

e4140 - Ada vs. Ada (s0871)

e4150 - Leaving the Aircraft Carrier (s0871)

e4160 - Zombie Wasteland (s0751)

e4165 - You Won't Be Missed (s0706)

e4170 - To the Roof (s0706)

e4180 - Someone Needs a Rescue (s0702)

e4190 - The Ties that Bind (s0702)

e4200 - Ada's Smile (s0705)

e4210 - New Purpose (s1140)


uIt0200 Pistol Ammo

uIt0201 Shotgun Ammo

uIt0202 Sniper Ammo

uIt0203 Assault Rifle Ammo

uIt0204 Antimaterial Rifle Ammo

uIt0205 ____ Ammo (black box Ammo).

uIt0206 Magnum Ammo

uIt0207 Explosives Grenades Ammo

uIt0208 Acid Grenades Ammo

uIt0209 Frozen Grenades Ammo

uIt0210 Rocket Ammo

uIt0211 Arrow Ammo

uIt0212 Explosive Arrow Ammo

uIt0213 _____ Ammo (Helena's Hydra?)

uIt0300 Green herb

uIt0301 Red heb

uIt0400 Points Item. (value = ___?)

uIt0401 Points Item. (value = ___?)

uIt0402 Points Item. (value = ___?)

uIt0403 Points Item. (value = ___?)

uIt0404 Points Item. (value = ___?)

uIt0405 Points Item. (value = ___?)

uIt0406 Points Item. (value = ___?)

uIt0407 Points Item. (value = ___?)

uIt0408 Points Item. (value = ___?)

uIt0409 Points Item. (value = ___?)

uIt0410 Points Item. (value = ___?)

uIt0411 Points Item. (value = ___?)


Collection - It looks like the enviroment with the Jukeboxs machine (s2001).

Core - Info about the dog tags ¿?.

coreEff - Generic sprites and models effects (shoots, blood, smoke, etc...)

Credit - Logos of the credits.

Custom - More graphics about dog tags. (its icons and such)

Cutscenes - The cutscene menu, with the scenes screenshots.

Game - Texts which appear during the gameplay (Mercenaries texts, "you are dead" and things like that).

Load - The loading screen (please wait...)

Menu - Menu to select chapter, or map, logo, options and the Jukebox store (s2000).

Merce - The Mercenaries Menu Screen

MerceUI - specific GUI for Mercenaries ("Combo Time" text and such).

Msg_eng - ¿¿¿???

Record - The stadistics menu.

Result - The screen with the score after each mission.

Scenario - This looks like the street where you choose the campaign.

Staffroll00 -

Staffroll01 - Credits Chris.

Staffroll02 -

Staffroll03 -

Title - The Logo screen.

Results Backgrounds

ResultBg0000 Leon Chapter 1

ResultBg0001 Leon Chapter 2

ResultBg0002 Leon Chapter 3

ResultBg0003 Leon Chapter 4

ResultBg0004 Leon Chapter 5

ResultBg0100 Chris Chapter 1

ResultBg0101 Chris Chapter 2

ResultBg0102 Chris Chapter 3

ResultBg0103 Chris Chapter 4

ResultBg0104 Chris Chapter 5

ResultBg0200 Jake Chapter 1

ResultBg0201 Jake Chapter 2

ResultBg0202 Jake Chapter 3

ResultBg0203 Jake Chapter 4

ResultBg0204 Jake Chapter 5

ResultBg0300 Ada Chapter 1

ResultBg0301 Ada Chapter 2

ResultBg0302 Ada Chapter 3

ResultBg0303 Ada Chapter 4

ResultBg0304 Ada Chapter 5

ResultBg4000 Rail Yard

ResultBg4001 Requiem of War

ResultBg4002 Urban Chaos

ResultBg4003 Mining the dephts

ResultBg4004 High Seas Fortress

ResultBg4005 Catacombs

ResultBg4006 Steel Beast

ResultBg4007 Rooftop Mission

ResultBg4008 Creature Workshop?

ResultBg4009 Liquid Fire

Actors and Moveables

Sm1000 –
Sm1001 - Red rusty door.
Sm1002 – Rusty door. (to open with the partner) (Edonia).
Sm1003 - Breakable Wood fence (Edonia)
Sm1004 - Metal fence doors (Edonia, Chris map 2_1).
Sm1005 – Train vagon. (Chris chapter 2_1).
Sm1006 – Vehicle Van blue (Edonia 2_1, used by J'avos).
Sm1006B – Vehicle Van blue (Edonia 2_1, used by J'avos).
Sm1007 – Vehicle Van green.
Sm1008 – Vehicle car blue.
Sm1008_s551 _ Vehicle car blue. (similar to Sm1008).
Sm1009 – Vehicle car white.
Sm1010 – Vehicle red taxi.
Sm1011 – Vehicle Bus white
Sm1011B - Vehicle Bus white (similar to Sm1011).
Sm1012 – Vehicle bike scouter Yellow.
Sm1013 – Vehicle bike scouter Blue.
Sm1014 – Breakable Chinese green sign.
Sm1014H1 -
Sm1015 – Metro train inside door. (Leon chapter 1).
Sm1016 – Metro train back door. (Leon chapter 1).
Sm1017 – Metro train double doors. (Leon chapter 1).
Sm1018 – Roll door. (Chris chapter 1).
Sm1019 – Vehicle car Chinese police.
Sm1020 – Breakable wall with windows. (Chris and Sherry crossover).
Sm1021 – Big Round gritter of the sewers. (Chris and Sherry crossover).
Sm1022I – Vehicle car blue.
Sm1023 - High post with electric wires. (Chris and Sherry crossover).
Sm1024 – Breakable wall. (Chris and Sherry crossover)
Sm1024 H -
Sm1025 – Breakable floor.
Sm1025H -
Sm1026 – Breakable pillar (Jake chapter 1) (used in conjuction with the Sm1386)
Sm1027 – Green broken door. (to open it with the partner).
Sm1028 – Black ratter.
Sm1029 – Red single gate. Chinese street (The one that Ada close to Ubtisvo).
Sm1030 – Debris container.
Sm1031 – Ladder (Jake chapter 1).
Sm1032 - Building (The bridge that the Ogroman breaks when escape) Chris 2_1).
Sm1033 -
Sm1034 – Single door. (Edonia town hall).
Sm1035 – White door with black joints.
Sm1036 – Iron door.
Sm1037 – Vehicle Bike.
Sm1038 – Vehicle car white.
Sm1039 – Vehicle car beige.
Sm1040 – Petrol pump.
Sm1041 – Vehicle SWAT van. (Leon chapter 1).
Sm1042 – Debris container.
Sm1043 – House Window.
Sm1044 – Glass broken.
Sm1045 – Sewer bars?
Sm1046 – Breakable wall with a door frame.
Sm1047 – Barricade made with Iron ratters
Sm1048 – Explosive metal barrel.
Sm1049 – Any strong door?. (looks more a metal wall).
Sm1050 – RocketLauncher(wp1204).
Sm1051 -
Sm1052 -
Sm1053 - Elevator wall. (Leon chapter 5).
Sm1054 – Edonian breakable floor.
Sm1055 – Edonian train wagon.
Sm1056 - Gate
Sm1057 – Breakable tree (Leon chapter 2).
Sm1058 – Single door (¿Cathedral?).
Sm1059 – Vehicle Blue Small lorry.
Sm1060 – Rope Tyrolese (Chris chapter 1).
Sm1061 – Vehicle Green Small lorry.
Sm1062 – Double doors bar. (Leon Chapter 1, part 3).
Sm1063 – Single metal door (¿campus?).
Sm1064 – Double wood doors. (campus) (Leon chapter 1).
Sm1065 – Single wood door. (¿campus?).
Sm1066 – Single door with bar locker. (Leon chapter 1, part 2).
Sm1067 – Breakable Window. (Leon chapter 1, part 2).
Sm1068 – Gate with bar locker.
Sm1069 – Structure with 3 sticks, jointed on one side. ¿¿¿???
Sm1070 – Vehicle BSAA Airship (with interiors) (Sherry chapter 1).
Sm1071 - Vehicle BSAA Airship (with interiors) (Sherry chapter 1).
Sm1072 – Airship door. (Sherry chapter 1).
Sm1073 - Airship back platform door. (Sherry chapter 1).
Sm1074 – Gas petrol can.
Sm1075 – Deer head (Ada chapter 1, part 1).
Sm1076 – Furniture with 3 gas tanks.
Sm1077 – Celling machine gun (Ada chapter 1).
Sm1077s - Celling machine gun (Ada chapter 1).
Sm1078 – Breakable wood tall crate (red and brown).
Sm1079 - Breakable wood small crate (red and brown).
Sm1080 – Chinese Scaffolding.
Sm1081 -
Sm1082 – Single door, Chinese metal door with graffities.
Sm1083 – Single door, geen metal dirty door.
Sm1084 – Carriage with parasol.
Sm1085 – Breakable glass, (store glasses), (Leon chapter 5).
Sm1086 - Airship door. (Sherry chapter 1).
Sm1087 - Explosives C4 placed by Finn (Chris map 2_1).
Sm1088 - Carriage with parasol.
Sm1089 – Chineese kiosk. (red)
Sm1090 – Chineese kiosk. (blue)
Sm1091 – Chathedral Altar (Which was covering the secret stairs). (Leon chapter 2).
Sm1092 – Big bell. (Leon chapter 2).
Sm1093 – Small bell. (Leon chapter 2).
Sm1094 – Virgin statue. (Leon chapter 2).
Sm1095 – Statue with bowguns. (Leon chapter 2).
Sm1096 – Statue with reflective plate. (Leon chapter 2).
Sm1097 – Single ornated door. (open by translation, not rotation) (Leon chapter 2).
Sm1098 – Metal door with lion face. (Leon chapter 2).
Sm1099 – Gate with bars. (to open with the bells puzzle) (Leon chapter 2).
Sm1100 – The half of a stick, red and white.
Sm1101 – Ornate golden chandelier.
Sm1102 – Vehicle Chinese yellow lorry.
Sm1103 – Jake falling platform (Jake chapter 1).
Sm1104 - Jake falling platform (Jake chapter 1) (copy of Sm1103).
Sm1105 – Cardboard box.
Sm1106 – Basket vase.
Sm1107 – White box with blue tape.
Sm1108 – Blue plastic basket.
Sm1109 – Green plastic basket.
Sm1110 – Grey rectangle. (¿Any Shelf?).
Sm1111 – Ornate single door. (Open by translation no rotation) (¿Cathedral?).
Sm1112 -
Sm1113 – Single gate. (Door made by bars).
Sm1114 – Bus. (With interior). (Leon chapter 1).
Sm1115 – Grey rusty metal barrel.
Sm1116 – Air conditioner external machine. (Single fan).
Sm1117 - Air conditioner external machine. (Two fans) (Slim).
Sm1118 - Air conditioner external machine. (Two fans) (Wide).
Sm1119 – Publicity Sign.
Sm1120 – Publicity Sign.
Sm1121 – Publicity Sign.
Sm1122 – Publicity Sign.
Sm1123 – Modern metal single gate. (door with bars).
Sm1124 – Double metal doors.
Sm1125 -
Sm1126 – Single red metal door.
Sm1127 – Pork hanging meat.
Sm1128 – Chinese dishes (with the chopsticks).
Sm1129 – Debug object (A cylinder with a yellow texture that have a red “A” on it).
Sm1130 – Debug object (A cylinder with a yellow texture that have a red “B” on it).
Sm1131 – Debug object (A cylinder with a yellow texture that have a red “C” on it).
Sm1132 – Debug object (A cylinder with a yellow texture that have a red “D” on it).
Sm1133 – Breakable glass, (A very tall glass).
Sm1134 – Breakable glass.
Sm1135 -
Sm1136 -
Sm1137 -
Sm1138 – Jake breakable pillar. (used in conjuction with the Sm1386 and Sm1026).
Sm1139 – Jake falling platform (Jake chapter 1) (copy of Sm1103).
Sm1140 – Jake falling platform (Jake chapter 1) (copy of Sm1103).
Sm1141 – PDA (¿Sherry’s?).
Sm1142 – Vehicle blue car.
Sm1143 – Green Edonian old door.
Sm1144 – Town hall secret door. (Chris chapter 2,4).
Sm1145 – Bars gates. (Carla’s trap scene) (Chris chapter 2).
Sm1146 – Square crank.
Sm1147 – Debris.
Sm1148 – Edonian Broomstick.
Sm1149 – Ivy University flag.
Sm1150 – Traffic cone.
Sm1151 – Traffic short fence.
Sm1152 – Pipe.
Sm1153 – Cathedral main doors.
Sm1154 – Debug (double doors, but without texture).
Sm1155 – Door with clock (Simmon’s ring puzzle) (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1156 – Coffin cover. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1157 – Floor Trapdoor. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1158 – Bars door, (It opens with half door to up and the other to down). (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1159 – Catwalk, (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1160 – Blades trap. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1160a – Blades trap. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1160b – Blades trap. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1161 – Floor spikes trap. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1161b – Floor spikes trap. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1162 – Monk Statue. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1163 – A train with 6 carriages. (Not interiors)
Sm1164 – Breakable debris.
Sm1165 – A fence.
Sm1166 - Bars short fence.
Sm1167 - Breakable debris. (Chris Sherry Crossover).
Sm1168 – Celling lamp.
Sm1169 -
Sm1170 – Lepotitsta death corpse. (Sherry chapter 4, Ada chapter 3).
Sm1171 – Chinese bamboo platform.
Sm1172 – Long bamboo rafter.
Sm1173 – Submarine, machine gun platform. (Ada chapter 1).
Sm1174 - Square piece of the combination puzzle. (Ada chapter 1).
Sm1175 - Square piece of the combination puzzle. (Ada chapter 1).
Sm1176 - Square piece of the combination puzzle. (Ada chapter 1).
Sm1177 - Square piece of the combination puzzle. (Ada chapter 1).
Sm1178 – Gas tall container.
Sm1179 – Radio aerial tower.
Sm1180 – Hanging bridge. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1180_01 – Hanging bridge0s banisters. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1181 – Broken wood pillar.
Sm1182 – Two rusty grey metal bars. (Pipes?).
Sm1183 – Copy of the wp1060 (An uzi).
Sm1184 – Copy of the wp1110 (A knife).
Sm1185 – A wood table.
Sm1186 –
Sm1187 – A wood platform.
Sm1188 – Folded university student tables. (Leon chapter 1).
Sm1189 – Round basket closed.
Sm1190 – Breakable glass.
Sm1191 – Rubbish bag.
Sm1192 – Single door with 2 lion faces, (and handle).
Sm1193 – Publicity Sign.
Sm1194 - Publicity Sign.
Sm1195 - Publicity Sign.
Sm1196 – Gas container with a big wheel on the top.
Sm1197 – Big black desk chair.
Sm1198 – Single broken blue door. (To open with the partner).
Sm1199 – House single door with keylock. (Leon chapter 1).
Sm1200 – Elevator, lift. (Chris chapter 1).
Sm1201 – Elevator doors. (Chris chapter 1).
Sm1202 – Grille.
Sm1203 – Plant in a pot.
Sm1204 - Plant in a pot. (Shorter plant in a bit bigger pot).
Sm1205 – Breakable Chinese wood table. (Chris chapter 1).
Sm1206 – Collapsing platform. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1207 - Collapsing platform. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1208 - Collapsing platform. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1209 – Drawbridge. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1210 – Collapsing platform. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1211 – Hanging bridge. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1212 – Collapsing pillar. (The one that Helena has to climb). (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1213 – Collapsing platform with drawbridge. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1214 – Huge pushable rock. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1215 – Spotlight lamp.
Sm1216 – Pipe.
Sm1217 – Dumpster. (Sherry chapter 2).
Sm1217_1 – 1217 Dumpster and its broken version. (Sherry chapter 2).
Sm1218 – Single door with wheel, and its damaged version (by Ustanak), (Sherry chapter 2).
Sm1219 – Concrete wall with door frame. (for the previous door) (Sherry chapter 2).
Sm1220 –Vehicle, mine drill.
Sm1221 – Single door, with ice and damaged version. (Sherry chapter 2).
Sm1222 – Dock platform. (Chris chapter 3).
Sm1223 – Boat with interior passage. (Chris chapter 3).
Sm1223_1 – Boat. (Chris chapter 3).
Sm1224 – Vehicle, Sherry and Jake’s boat. (Sherry chapter 4).
Sm1224I – Vehicle, Sherry and Jake’s boat. (Sherry chapter 4).
Sm1225 – Boat with boxes to climb up. (Chris chapter 3).
Sm1226 - Boat. (Chris chapter 3).
Sm1227 – Dock platform. (Chris chapter 3).
Sm1228 - Dock platform. Empty. (Chris chapter 3).
Sm1228_01 - Dock platform. With boxes and a door frame. (Chris chapter 3).
Sm1229 – Chinese tree in a pot.
Sm1230 – Chinese tree in a pot.
Sm1231 – Chinese tree in a pot.
Sm1232 – Single door, made of wood with arion border, with a rounded window, and a chain in the locker.
Sm1233 – Ship door. (With manual lever to open it).
Sm1234 – Single door. (Looks like an office door).
Sm1235 – Modern metal single door.
Sm1236 – Locker doors. (Sherry chapter 3).
Sm1237 –
Sm1238 – Box with lever switch inside. (Sherry chapter 3).
Sm1239 – Lab trolley (For Jake can push it). (Sherry chapter 3).
Sm1240 –
Sm1241 – Clothes hanging.
Sm1241H – Clothes hanging. (Only the bigger pieces).
Sm1242 – Breakable Sunshade. (Sherry chapter 4).
Sm1243 – Chinese scaffoldings.
Sm1244 – Big container box. (in this arc, it’s included the next 3 versions too).
Sm1244_10 – Big container box.
Sm1244_11 – Big container box. (Lower quality)
Sm1244_12 – Big container box. (With a metal piece on the sides).
Sm1245 – Rusty barrel.
Sm1246 – A cardboard box with a stamp of “fragile”, it looks a clean box.
Sm1247 – Wheel switch.
Sm1248 – Platform with pipes, (¿Submarine falling platforms?) (¿Ada chapter 1?).
Sm1249 –
Sm1250 – Metal Shelves furniture.
Sm1251 – Broken pipe and metal layers. (Ada chapter 1).
Sm1252 – Breakable platforms. (Leon Ada crossover).
Sm1253 – Breakable platform. (Leon Ada crossover).
Sm1254 -
Sm1255 -
Sm1256 -
Sm1257 – Pushable mine wagon with debris. (Leon Chapter 2).
Sm1258 –
Sm1259 -
Sm1260 –
Sm1261 – Broken wood, hanging from a rope.
Sm1262 – Mine train wagon. (Leon Ada crossover).
Sm1263 – Wagon pincers.
Sm1264 – Dumbwaiter.
Sm1265 – Broken bus. (Leon Sherry crossover).
Sm1266 – Pushable tower. (Leon Sherry crossover).
Sm1267 – Pushable Metal Box with 2 bars over it. (empty), (Leon Sherry crossover).
Sm1268 – 4 explosive small containers. (Leon Sherry crossover).
Sm1269 – Big Restaurant electric sign. (Sherry chapter 4).
Sm1270 – Round stone floor debris piece.
Sm1271 – Round big grid.
Sm1272 – Drawer.
Sm1273 – Single door, stained by quintina.
Sm1274 – A very inestable column, (Surely the falling version), (¿Catacombs?).
Sm1275 – Double wood doors. (¿Cathedral? ¿Catacombs?).
Sm1276 – Iron treasure chest.
Sm1277 – Old dark iron treasure case.
Sm1278 – Parachute harness (parachute closed) (Sherry chapter 1).
Sm1279 – Statue with bar for Jake hanging. (Sherry chapter 3) (OMG, IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE!!!).
Sm1280 – Secret platform. (behind the statue) (Sherry chapter 3).
Sm1281 – Breakable mansion Entrance doors. (Sherry chapter 3).
Sm1282 – Breakable columns. (from the entrance room). (Sherry chapter 3).
Sm1283 – Breakable Floor. (Sherry chapter 3).
Sm1284 – Rock Wall. (Sherry chapter 3).
Sm1285 – Buda statue. (Sherry chapter 3) (The other is here too!!! Finally!!).
Sm1286 - Breakable concrete wall.
Sm1287 -
Sm1288 – Rocks as different objects.
Sm1288I – Rocks packed on a single object like a wall.
Sm1289 – TNT barrel. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1289t – TNT barrel. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1290 – Car lorry. (Sherry chapter 3).
Sm1291 – Breakable window.
Sm1292 – Chinese streets. (Maybe from Ada chopper stage?) (¿Ada chapter 5?).
Sm1293 – Grey curtain.
Sm1294 – Helicopter Misil.
Sm1295 – Chinese flags rope.
Sm1296 – Key code panel with symbol buttons (Sherry chapter 3).
Sm1297 -
Sm1298 – Rusty metal roof layer.
Sm1299 – Old decorated treasure chest.

Sm1300 – TombStone (maybe the pushable?).
Sm1301 – Three Door of the Graveyard. (Leon or Ada chapter 2).
Sm1302 – Breackable big yellow door.
Sm1303 – Rotating catwalk (Chris chapter 4).
Sm1304 – Small Misil (Chris chapter 4, the one used to open the gate).
Sm1305 - Small Misil (Chris chapter 4, the one used to open the gate).
Sm1306 – Small Missil base.
Sm1307 – Big platform (the one that had the enemy aeroplane (Chris chapter 4).
Sm1308 – Enemy airplane landed. (Chris chapter 4).
Sm1309 – Moveable stairs. (Chris chapter 4).
Sm1310 – An odd rounded machine, a kind of engine or generator. ¿¿??
Sm1311 –
Sm1312 – Chinese neon sign (Ada chapter 5).
Sm1313 – Grille panel.
Sm1314 - Elevator with transparent doors (Chris chapter 5).
Sm1315 – Metal rectangle piece of a medium size.
Sm1316 – Wicker fence, (used as bridge on Ada Chapter 1).
Sm1317 – Wicker’s padlock and chains. (Ada chapter 1).
Sm1318 – Leon’s lift. (Leon chapter 5).
Sm1319 –
Sm1320 – Double office doors. (Leon chapter 5).
Sm1321 - Mechanic doors. (From any other elevator?).
Sm1322 – Biohazard lab, single door.
Sm1323 – Inestable platform.
Sm1324 – Single office door. (Leon chapter 5).
Sm1325 - Single office white door. (Leon chapter 5).
Sm1326 – Stalactites. (Sherry chapter 2).
Sm1327 – Stalactite. (Sherry chapter 2).
Sm1328 – Rubish bag.
Sm1329 – Adorned wood door.
Sm1330 – Red plant pot.
Sm1331 – Trolley.
Sm1332 – Small white cardboard box. (with blue cellotape).
Sm1333 – Rounded stool.
Sm1334 – Small white square table.
Sm1335 – Breakable Bendable table.
Sm1336 – Door with wheel. (Ada chapter 1?).
Sm1337 –D ouble anti-aircraft cannon.
Sm1338 – Single gate. (with bars and some panels).
Sm1339 – Blue door with flowers picture. (Leon chapter 5, shop door).
Sm1340 – Metallic security doors. (Leon chapter 5).
Sm1341 – Catacomb floor trapdoor. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1342 – Breakable Catacomb floor. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1343 – Lever switch.
Sm1343C – Similar to Sm1343.
Sm1343s – Similar to Sm1343.
Sm1344 – Multiples alcohol bottles.
Sm1345 – Pile of barrels.
Sm1346 – Underwater arch.
Sm1347 – Bars with a chinese sign.
Sm1348 –
Sm1349 – Adornated bars. (Underwater area?).
Sm1350 –
Sm1351 – Graveyard gate. (Front the cathedral).
Sm1352 – Huge wheel engine with a scaffolding.
Sm1353 -
Sm1354 – Platform (Chris and Sherry crossover).
Sm1355 – Double gates with a wood block as locker.
Sm1356 – Blue locker door (Jake chapter 3).
Sm1357 – A trolley porting any kind of metallic oven. (Smashed version included).
Sm1358 – Plant on a pot.
Sm1359 – TV controller.
Sm1360 – Double metal white doors. (Chris chapter 4).
Sm1361 – Underwater tunel segment. (Chris chapter 5).
Sm1362 – Expositor with shooting elements.
Sm1363 –Elevator piston. (Sherry chapter 5).
Sm1364 – Gong.
Sm1365 – Glasses (Jake chapter 3).
Sm1366 – Long pot with plants. (Jake chapter 3).
Sm1367 – Big golden vase with plants. (Jake chapter 3).
Sm1368 – Black lamp (Jake chapter 3).
Sm1369 – Formal table (Jake chapter 3).
Sm1370 –
Sm1371 – Gatling gun.
Sm1372 – Spotlight.
Sm1373 – Single door of the chinese mannor. (Jake chapter 3).
Sm1374 – Cupboard.
Sm1375 – Big wood crate.
Sm1376 - Puzzle skull. (Ada chapter 2).
Sm1377 – Door from the cells (Leon chapter 2).
Sm1378 – Spices jars.
Sm1379 – Wall panel. ¿¿??
Sm1380 – Formal Papers.
Sm1381 – Modern blue single door. (Leon prologue and Leon chapter 5).
Sm1382 – White electronic door. (Jake chapter 3?).
Sm1383 – Simmon’s crypt, puzzle door. (Ada chapter 2).
Sm1384 – TV screen? (It’s just an square polygon).
Sm1385 – Torch hanging with a chain. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1386 – Pillars (Jake chapter 1, Ustanak battle).
Sm1387 – Melon fruits.
Sm1388 – Mango fruits.
Sm1389 – Fruits basked.
Sm1390 – Fan.
Sm1391 - Broomstick.
Sm1391_01 – Broomstick.
Sm1392 – low poly platforms, with textures of the underwater laboratory. (falling objects?).
Sm1393 – Ice rocks and shapes, (from the Jake avalanche area?).
Sm1394 -
Sm1395 – Clean metallic doors like from a lift.
Sm1396 – Ship door with rounded window.
Sm1397 – Adorned gates. (¿Chinese mannor?).
Sm1398 – Bars.
Sm1399 – Iron door with a sign “Staff Only”.
Sm1400 – Old Door with biohazard sign. (To open with the partner).
Sm1401 –
Sm1402 – Jail Door. (¿from the statues room on Leon chapter 2?).
Sm1403 – Double Doors (Underground Lab, Leon chapter 2).
Sm1404 – Jail Breakable Wall.
Sm1405 -
Sm1406 -
Sm1407 -
Sm1408 – Pipes (Jake and Sherry ending).
Sm1409 – Box With tanks (Jake and Sherry ending?).
Sm1410 – Brakes of the boxes and pipes (Jake and Sherry ending)
Sm1411 – Piece of broken train vagon (with wires and such).
Sm1412 - Trash trapdoor (Leon chapter 2).
Sm1413 - Sign with the cells numbers. (Leon chapter 2).
Sm1414 – Chinese street door.
Sm1415 – Jewel Eye of the skull. (Only halfmesh, surely for the environment Puzzle hole).
Sm1416 – Golden tooth
Sm1417 -
Sm1418 – Old metal door with biohazard sign (it open towards up).
Sm1419 – Old metal door.
Sm1420 – Door padlock.
Sm1421 – Elevator (Chris Chapter 4?).
Sm1422 – Breakable pipe
Sm1423 – Breakable glass
Sm1424 – Simmon’s office door (Ada chapter 4).
Sm1425 – Iron structure (pillars and scaffoldings).
Sm1426 – Big container crate.
Sm1427 – Emblem door. (Jake chapter 3).
Sm1428 – Cabin broken wall (Jake chapter 2).
Sm1429 – A big metal plate with a lid. (any trapdoor?) (Chris chapter 3 for Iluzija?.
Sm1430 – Bunch of chairs (Chris chapter 3).
Sm1431 – Noodles dish.
Sm1432 – Shelves funiture. (Chris chapter 3).
Sm1433 – Butcher’s table. (Chris chapter 3).
Sm1434 – Anti-aircraft cannons. (Chris chapter 4).
Sm1435 – Double doors (brown metal) (Chris chapter 5?).
Sm1436 – Floor Door (Chris chapter 5, these doors cut the HAOS on the first fight).
Sm1437 – Platform (HAOS chase, Chris chapter 5)
Sm1438 – Ladder (HAOS chase, Chris chapter 5)
Sm1439 – Breakable small table. (It looks like a school one, maybe Chris chapter 3?)
Sm1440 – Breakable chair.
Sm1441 – Butcher’s door (Chris chapter 3).
Sm1442 – Green wood door.
Sm1443 – Metal post.
Sm1444 – Chinese small fence
Sm1445 – Traffic Lights
Sm1446 – Wheel with numbers (Jake chapter 3).
Sm1447 - ¿? Two small pieces one in front of the other.
Sm1448 – Similar to Sm1447.
Sm1449 – Same pieces that Sm1447 but closer.
Sm1450 – A can of drink “Good”.
Sm1451 – Cardboard box.
Sm1452 – Can of “Original American Blend”.
Sm1453 – Chinese big red gates. (door)
Sm1454 – Chinese Palace gate. (Jake chapter 3).
Sm1455 – Meta banister.
Sm1456 – Metal Door wall. (like a roll door closed).
Sm1457 – Ship mast.
Sm1458 – Broken barrots door. (Graveyard style).
Sm1459 – Crane.
Sm1460 – Metal yellow Door. (it opens towards up).
Sm1461 – Elevator (Chris Chapter 5).
Sm1461b – Similar to the Sm1461.
Sm1461I - Similar to the Sm1461.
Sm1462 – Breakable celling glass. (Chris chapter 5, HAOS battle).
Sm1463 – Chinese bicicle.
Sm1464 – Marco´s plug.
Sm1465 – Chinese balcony.
Sm1466 – Airship back door.
Sm1467 – Metal door with warning yellow and black stripes.
Sm1468 – Port Crane. (Ada Chapter 3).
Sm1469 – Metal door (It opens towars up, it’s divided on 2 segments).
Sm1470 – Breakable Debris
Sm1471 - Jake and Sherry air ship. (Jake chapter 1).
Sm1472 – Jake and Sherry vagon of the ending. With switches (Jake chapter 5).
Sm1473 – Breakable floor (Jake chapter 1).
Sm1474 – Breakable wall, Underwater area. (Leon chapter 3).
Sm1475 – Falling rocks.
Sm1476 – Round lid door. Underwater area (Leon chapter3 ).
Sm1477 – Catacomb single door.
Sm1478 – HAOS cocoon (Chris and Jake crossover).
Sm1479 – Metal fence (Leon and Sherry crossover).
Sm1480 – Any kind of cannon?
Sm1481 – Airplane landed. And the smashed version too.
Sm1482 – Chinese formal crate (Jake chapter 3).
Sm1483 – Formal table (Jake Chapter 3).
Sm1484 – Big metal debris, (from any plane?).
Sm1485 –
Sm1486 -
Sm1487 - Small spikes pointing down. ¿¿¿???
Sm1488 – Electric Plug. (From any lab?).
Sm1489 – Leon glass floor (Leon prologue and chapter 5).
Sm1490 – Pot.
Sm1490I -
Sm1491 – Wood crates, tall. (breakable for collect items) Red and brown with some sticks.
Sm1492 - Wood crate, small. (breakable for collect items)
Sm1493 - Wood crates, tall. (breakable for collect items) Red and brown.
Sm1494 - Wood crate, small. (breakable for collect items)
Sm1495 – Vase tall. (breakable for collect items)Dirty brown.
Sm1496 – Vase small. (breakable for collect items)
Sm1497 - Vase tall. (breakable for collect items) Blue and white.
Sm1498 - Vase small. (breakable for collect items)
Sm1499 – Barrel. (breakable for collect items)
Sm1500 – Breakable blue boxes (Item container).
Sm1501 – Treasure chest. (Modern metal with red inside).
Sm1502 – Treasure chest. (Old ornamented chest).
Sm1503 – Treasure case. (Brown leather case).
Sm1504 – Treasure chest. (Like the Sm1501, but more dirty and covered with old stickers).
Sm1505 – Trasure chest. (Like the Sm1501, but covered with snow).
Sm1506 - Treasure case. (Metallic case).
Sm1507 – Piers’s bomb case.
Sm1508 – Plain pilot seat?.
Sm1510 – BSAA transporter plane. (Like the ones of Sherry 1-5).
Sm1511 – Solar panel from the s0851 (Chris 4-4 Airspace over Aircraft Carrier).
Sm1512 – The solar panel tower.
Sm1513 – A sphere, (a decoration from the Aircraft carrier).
Sm1514 – A white van.
Sm1515 – Leon’s airlines plane, controller levers.
Sm1516 – Double metal doors, with a logo “Scion Supplies”.
Sm1517 – Crossbow (Wp1100).
Sm1518 – Arrow (Wp1301).
Sm1519 – A kind of revolver with a long cannon (Wp1031).
Sm1520 – Chris’s VTOL.
Sm1522 – Ship door.
Sm1522H - Ship door’s manual locker.
Sm1523 – Flowers vase.
Sm1524 – Breakable window.
Sm1525 – Red box for a lever switch.
Sm1525_02 – Crowbar.
Sm1526 – Wheel switch (Leon 4-1).
Sm1527 – Microwave.
Sm1528 – Big oven.
Sm1528I - Big oven.
Sm1529 – Chinesse breakable wall. (Sherry 3-3).
Sm1530 – Black brick secret door.
Sm1531 – Plane broken door (to open it with the partner).
Sm1532 – Plane broken door (to open it with the partner).
Sm1533 – Mr. Panda
Sm1535 - Chinese TV lamp. (From Leon’s prologue and Leon 5-2).
Sm1536 – Missile (Sm5020).
Sm1537 – Breakable barrel. (Items container).
Sm1538 – Wood Box. (Items container).
Sm1539 – A barrel and 2 rafters.
Sm1540 – Single automatic rusty door. (from any lab).
Sm1541 – Elevator round pillar. (Sherry 5-1).
Sm1542 – Big red door with a smaller frame in the center (maybe for other double doors).
Sm1543 – Edonian Tower for telephone wires and such. (And broken version included).
Sm1544 – Plane, control panels. (Leon 4-1).
Sm1545 – Gas tank.
Sm1546 – Trapdoor with ladder. (Chris 4-2).
Sm1547 – Ship automatic door. (Ada 4-2).
Sm1548 – Gas tank.
Sm1549 – Box with 6 gas tanks like the Sm1548.
Sm1550 – The rounded engine that Sherry and Jake used like an elevator. (Sherry 5-1).
Sm1551 – A floor door.
Sm1552 – Double floor door.
Sm1553 – Automatic laboratory door. (From Ada 5-5)?.
Sm1555 – Motorway segment (breakable road), (Leon 5-2)
Sm1556 – Green van.
Sm1557 – Chinese Taxi.
Sm1558 – Yellow lorry.
Sm1559 – Blue Van
Sm1560 – White car.
Sm1561 – White car 2.
Sm1562 – Yellow bus.
Sm1563 –Red Sofa.
Sm1564 – Door with wheel.
Sm1565 – Gutter. (Rasklapanje spawn point).
Sm1565_01 – Wall air conduct. (Rasklapanje spawn point).
Sm1565_02 – Celing air conduct. (Rasklapanje spawn point).
Sm1566 – Market door with three locks. (Leon 4-3).
Sm1567 – Empty sign frame. (Withough publicity panels).
Sm1568 – Lightning conductor (Leon 5-5).
Sm1569 – Metal Door.
Sm1570 – Celing air conduct. (Rasklapanje spawn point).
Sm1571 – Wall air conduct. (Rasklapanje spawn point).
Sm1572 – Catwalks, different sizes and curves. (Sherry 5-3?).
Sm1572B – Catwalks, different sizes and curves. (Sherry 5-3?).
Sm1573 – Fan
Sm1574 – Underwater labs Elevators (Chris 5-1).
Sm1575 – Screen door.
Sm1576 – Metal tank.
Sm1577 – Celling Rail. (Sherry 5-3).
Sm1578 – Hanging Box used by Sherry against Ustanak (Sherry 5-3).
Sm1578H – Hanging Box used by Sherry against Ustanak (Sherry 5-3).
Sm1579 – Celling lamp. (Edonian?).
Sm1580 – Kitchen objects (a pan and two ladles).
Sm1581 – Piano (Sherry 3-2).
Sm1582 – Debug object (A kind of medal. Borneo marathon?).
Sm1583 – Pipe (with broken version included).
Sm1584 – Metal double doors.
Sm1585 – Rafte.
Sm1586 – Pig’s head and Pig’s body. (Leon 4-3).
Sm1588 – Tall Oaks Police Car. (Leon’s quicktime).
Sm1589 – Ship door with small round window.
Sm1589H – Ship door manual lock.
Sm1590 – Elevator platform. (from I can’t remember ¿?).
Sm1591 – Electric trap.
Sm1592 – Double rusty doors.
Sm1593 – Grinder machine (Leon 4-3).
Sm1594 – Laboratory Gutter (Rasklapanje spawn point).
Sm1595 – Three thin pipes.
Sm1596 – Three big pipes.
Sm1597 – Crane used to spo the elevator (Sherry 5-1).
Sm1599 – Double wood doors (From the town hall Chris 2-4?).
Sm1600 – Broken chinese metal door (can be open with the partner).
Sm1601 – Green Crate Box.
Sm1602 – Big Pipe and broken version (Ada 1-2).
Sm1603 –Ship Door with small rounded window.
Sm1605 – Chinese Neon Signs.
Sm1606 – Celing Trapdoor.
Sm1607 – Double desk, with computers and chairs.
Sm1608 – Ship Door with rotating knob in the center.
Sm1609 - Ship Door with rotating knob on a side.
Sm1610 – Ship Door with rounded window.
Sm1611 – Ship Door with rounded window.
Sm1612 – Metal catwalk.
Sm1613 – Underwater lab corridor. T shape(Chris 5-4)
Sm1614 – Long wood door
Sm1615 – Open rounded container with a sink.
Sm1616 – Elevator Doors. (Leon 1-1).
Sm1617 – Metal Double Doors
Sm1618 – Fishs tank small.
Sm1618_01 –
Sm1618_02 – Fish Tank big, with lobsters too.
Sm1618_03 -
Sm1620 – Graveyard Fence
Sm1621 – Toilet
Sm1622 – Train breakable (Leon 4-4)
Sm1623 – Wine Bottle and coffe packs.
Sm1624 – Another kind of container.
Sm1625 –Red plastic stool
Sm1626 – Fire extinguisher
Sm1627 – Mirror laser Switch? (Leon 2-2)
Sm1628 – Double Door, Carla’s test room 01 (Leon and Chris crossover).
Sm1629 – Vagon crane. (Leon 5 – 5)
Sm1630 – Air conduct piece (Sherry 5-1?).
Sm1631 – Ballons.
Sm1632 – Padlock (Ada 2-1)
Sm1633 – Chest (Ada 2-1)
Sm1634 – Bridge (Ada 2-1) (used with the padlock)
Sm1635 – Rope for the hanging corpses
Sm1637 – Prison chair. (Ada 2-1)
Sm1638 – Trapdoor platform. (Ada 2-1)
Sm1639 – Lever switch.
Sm1639H1 – Lever switch armature.
Sm1640 – Chinese neon signs
Sm1641 – Snowy Pine Tree
Sm1642 – Doorframe breakable glasses switch holes (Leon and Chris crossover).
Sm1643 – Dungeon door.
Sm1644 –White curtain.
Sm1645 – Door frame. Underwater lab
Sm1646 - Monster’s meat and mucus
Sm1647 – Door with wheel (Chris 5 - 4)
Sm1648I – Petrol Lorry. (Leon and Ada Chapter 5, Crossover).
Sm1648S - Petrol Lorry. (Leon and Ada Chapter 5, Crossover).
Sm1649 – Table

Sm1650 – Wood Debris obstacle (Leon Chapter 1-1).

Sm1651 – Balloons.

Sm1651_01 – Balloons.

Sm1651_02 -

Sm1651_03 -

Sm1651_04 -

Sm1652 – University Flag.

Sm1654 – Tree root. (Leon Chapter 2-1).

Sm1655 – Glass (Campus Dinner Window?, breakable)

Sm1656 – Big Glass (Square, breakable)

Sm1657 – Air conductor lid Panel.

Sm1658 – Trash Bin.

Sm1659 – Single Door (Music Room, Leon Chapter 1-1).

Sm1660 – Single Door (Metal Red).

Sm1661 – Any Elevator hole?

Sm1662 – Gas Tank.

Sm1663 – Double Doors broken (Metal, ¿any elevator?).

Sm1664 – Single Door (laboratory, with handle).

Sm1665 – Double doors (laboratory).

Sm1666 – Weapons case. (Sherry Chapter 5-1).

Sm1667 – Waste Disponsal Unit (Sherry Chapter 5-1).

Sm1668 – Machine (Laser cupboard).

Sm1669 – Hanged Bloody bag.

Sm1670 – Can.

Sm1670_01 – Can.

Sm1670_02 – Can.

Sm1670_03 – Bottle “Extra Blend” brand.

Sm1671 – Hunged Fish.

Sm1672 – Double Doors (laboratory ¿Chris Chapter 5-1?).

Sm1673 – Single Door (Laboratory).

Sm1674 – Machine (A kind of tube reactor).

Sm1675 – Baseball bate.

Sm1676 – Latern in a trolley.

Sm1677 – Tank

Sm1678 – Militar Car with Cannon.

Sm1679 – Laboratory cages. (Leon Chapter 2-3).

Sm1680 – Grate door.

Sm1681 – Chinese Wood Chair.

Sm1682 – Taxis.

Sm1683 – Glasses and Wine.

Sm1684 – Fruits bol

Sm1685 – Ashtray (Cenicero).

Sm1686 – Chinese Biombo (breakable).

Sm1687 – Billar Balls.

Sm1688 – Chemistry Instruments. (bottles and such).

Sm1689 – Chemistry Instruments (Medicin bottles).

Sm1690 – Panel for the three keys (Chris Chapter 4-3 and Ada Chapter 4-1).

Sm1691 – Glass Door with decorations (Sherry Chapter 3-2).

Sm1692 – Container with wood chunks (Sherry Chapter 3-2, in the swimming pool room, you need push it to free a door).

Sm1693 – Screen layer (Chris Chapter 4-4, in the VOLT, the Piers’s panel).

Sm1694 – Proyectil Arrow, (Wp1300).

Sm1695 - Vases, dishes and teapots.

Sm1697 – Crate.

Sm1698 – Wood Table. (Sherry Chapter 2-2).

Sm1700 – A Gun, (wp1012).

Sm1701 – Chinese Debris (Metal panels, wood panels, crates and barrels).

Sm1702 – Enemy proyectil: It’s like a “Stone with flesh” (wp1377)

Sm1703 – Dynamite bomb object.

Sm1704 – Grenade (Wp1318).

Sm1705 – Snowed Pines Tree.

Sm1706 – Desk Table with chair and computer.

Sm1707- Ship Door (Chris 4-3). (only could be opened by one side)

Sm1707H – Ship Door opener lever.

Sm1708 – Gas Tank

Sm1709 – Gun (Wp1010).

Sm1710 – Figure Toy (from the Extras menu, model machine).

Sm1711 – Layers with red numbers and a grey star on the back. (from 0 till 29).

Sm1712 – Small ship. (Chris 4-1, ships with laterns).

Sm1713 – SentryGun (Wp1153).

Sm1714 – Ornamented wood chair. (¿Leon Ch1?)

Sm1715 – BSAA Plane (like the one of Sherry 1-5, but without any interior).

Sm1716 – Metal Big Container, and broken version.

Sm1717 – Automatic Rifle (Wp1070).

Sm1718 – Rocket Launcher (Wp1120).

Sm1719 – Gun (Wp1061).

Sm1720 – Shotgun (Wp1020).

sm4000 - include the em8130, em8131 and em8132, which are Carla's face boss.

Sm5000 - Underground train. (Wihout inside).
Sm5001 - Blue Car
Sm5005 - Plane
Sm5006 - Anti-Aircraft gun.
Sm5007 - BSAA Chopper
Sm5007I - BSAA Chopper
Sm5008 - BSAA car (Without inside)
Sm5008B - BSAA car (Without inside)
Sm5009 - Snowbike
Sm5010 - Chris's VTOL (Without inside)
Sm5011 - Enemy bike
Sm5011_s0550 - Enemy bike (destroyed)
Sm5011H1 - Enemy bike (destroyed)
Sm5012 - Jake's red bike
Sm5013 - BSAA Airplane
Sm5016 - Plane (low poly)
Sm5018 - BSAA car (with inside).
Sm5020 - Chris's VTOL (with inside).
Sm5021 - Carla's Water bike
Sm5023 - Rope (Ada's hook rope?)
Sm5024 - TV-Camera record.
Sm5026 - A kind of boat
Sm5027 - BSAA Vehicle (like the APC but with a machine gun on the top).
Sm5028 - Blue Van (with driver).
Sm5028v -
Sm5029 - Red Taxi (with driver).
Sm5029v -
Sm5030 - White car (with driver).
Sm5030v -
Sm5031 - Green van (with driver).
Sm5031v -
Sm5032 - Long Lorry
Sm5034 - Enemy Jeep
Sm5035 - Enemy Jeep
Sm5035I -
Sm5036 - Carla's car
Sm5036e - Carla's car
Sm5036i - Carla's car
Sm5037 - Male zombies (Death corpses?).
Sm5040 - Damaged car
Sm5041 - Rail cannon
Sm5043 - Tank
Sm5044 - Lorry
Sm5045 - Piers's VTOL rocket.
Sm5046 - 2 floor bus.
Sm5046_s0509 -
Sm5048 - BSAA transpot aeroship.
Sm5049 - Rope
Sm4049a -
Sm5050 - BSAA Chopper (destroyed)
Sm5051 - Jake's parachute

sm5931 - No model. (inside there are, sm5931.mrl, sm5931.bmt and the models of zombie em5000 and human em5100).

sm6000 - It has shape of bullet, its texture is purple color.

sm6001 - Carla's C-Virus missil.

sm6003 - Ada's make up

sm6007 - Handcuffs

sm6009 - Videotape "Happy Birthday Ada Wong".

sm6014 - Sherry Birkin identification card.

sm6016 - Simmon's golden ring

sm6019 - Small blue memory card

sm6024 - Sunglasses

sm6028 - Carla's syringe gun?

sm6030 - black PDA

sm6034 - Carla's briefcase for the E-C-Virus syringes.

sm6036 - Jake and Sherry "prison's cuffs" of chapter 5 beggining.

sm6043 - Submarine (From Ada chapter 1)

sm6044 - Ada's c4 explosives (From Ada chapter 2 enging).

sm6047 - Notepad and DVD with about the real Carla Radames indentity.

sm6049 - Key of Carla's laboratories in the Quad Tower

sm6051 - Jake's apple

sm6054 - Another PDA

sm6056 - C-virus Syringe

sm6056H - C-virus Syringe (Maybe in game it shanes in red and were the E-C-Virus... I don't know O.ò?)

sm6058 - Screen of Ada's chapter 4 laptop with the sound wave record.

sm6059 - Flamethrower (From Chris chapter 3).

sm6061 - Stair with wheels (as those ones use at airports to go up in the plane)

sm6062 - Wood chair

sm6063 - (inside of sm6062) Celing fan

sm6064 - Carla's Chair

sm6071H1 - The aerial tower which fall over Ustanak, in the Leon/Sherry crossover.

sm6074 - The Leon's plane. (maybe the used in Sherry and Ada's campaign.

sm6075 - Office Chair (Hunnigan's O.ò?)

sm6076 - Computer keyboard.

sm6086 - (inside of sm6062) White mugcup

sm6089 - (inside of 6075) Television (Leon chapter 1). Switched off.

sm6090 - The small cocoon which is on the steering wheel, in the prologo opening scene).

sm6091 - (inside of 6090) The insect inside the coccon of the sm6090.

sm6095 - (inside of 6075) Paper on a small board. (notepad).

sm6099 - BSAA soldier, turning into a Chrysalid cocoon.

sm6106 - Debug mesh

sm6108 - Wood door, (Leon chapter 2, graveyard cabin?)

sm6109 - (inside of sm6062) Bar sit

sm6113 - (inside of 6090) The red car of the prologo opening.

sm6123 - Three debris meshes (I don't remember from what Leon's cutscene >.<).

sm6142 - A kind of car engine, or maybe the machine for a missing swicth lever.

sm6200 - Laboratory machine, (with some pipes and ¿flesh? on it). (4 pieces, sm6200, sm6201, sm6202 and sm6203).

sm6204 - looks like a pipe or wire which, (sm6201 is the same wire with flesh ending).

sm6232 - (inside of sm6062) Piers's meal

sm6280 - The chrysalid cocoon of Ada's ending (I think they are female hands... for the nails, the hands texture is hardly recognizable).

sm6320 - Piers J'avo (the body mesh of the ending scene the head is inside of the e2310).

sm6921 - (inside of 6075) Screen layer, (For Hunnigan's laptop?).

sm7000 - Graveyard Key (It's an old key, the which one which had the god in its mouth?)

sm7001 - Red Virgin statue (From the Leon chapter 2 puzzle)

sm7003 - Blue Virgin statue (From the Leon chapter 2 puzzle)

sm7005 - Keycard to Simmon's laboratories (Droped by Lepotista in Leon Chapter 2).

sm7006 - Chinese Key (Droped by Ubistvo in Ada Chapter 3).

sm7007 - Key of the market (Leon chapter 4).

sm7008 - A key similar to the sm7007

sm7009 - A key similar to the sm7007

sm7010 - A panel to introduce some codes, red light (I think it's the Ada and Chris Chapter 4).

sm7011 - A panel to introduce some codes, blue light (I think it's the Ada and Chris Chapter 4).

sm7012 - A panel to introduce some codes, green light (I think it's the Ada and Chris Chapter 4).

sm7013 - A golden key with an ambar pearl. (from where ¿?¿?)

sm7014 - Marco's C4 explosives (Droped by Gnezdo mutation of Marco in Chris Chapter 3).

sm7019 - Simmon's family ring (From the Leon chapter 3 and Ada chapter 2 puzzle)

sm7021 - Flash Drive (From Sherry chapter 2?)

sm7024 - Gate keycard (From Sherry chapter 2).

sm7025 - C-virus Syringe (Piers chapter 5?).

sm7026 - Small card with a Caution sign (¿¿¿??? I don't remember from where >.<)

sm7027 - White key (¿¿¿??? I don't know from where O.ò).

sm7030 - NeoUmbrella emblem (From Jake chapter 3).

sm7031 - Simmon's family emblem piece (From the Ada chapter 2 puzzle)

sm7032 - Simmon's family emblem piece (From the Ada chapter 2 puzzle)

sm7033 - Simmon's family emblem piece (From the Ada chapter 2 puzzle)

sm7034 - Ruby eye (From Ada chapter 2)

sm7035 - Golden tooth (From Ada chapter 2).

sm7036 - Key of the Jail (From the Ada chapter 2).

sm7037 - Security card (¿¿¿??? I don't know from where :s )

sm7038 - Modern key (¿¿¿??? I don't know from where).

sm7900 - Serpent emblem (But this is not blue, it's grey O.ò, may be recoloured by the engine ¿?¿?)

sm8000 - Debug item (coordinates axis)

sm9000 - There are not textures nor models, only LMT for several playable characters in motsoft folders (¿Animations?).

sm9003 - Game files (motsoft folders)

sm9004 - Game files (motsoft folders)

sm9005 - Game files (motsoft folders)

sm9006 - Game files (motsoft folders)

sm9007 - Game files (motsoft folders)

sm9008 - Game files (motsoft folders)

sm9011 - Game files (motsoft folders)

sm9012 - Game files (motsoft folders)

sm9013 - Game files (Things related with the sm5903 (Ada's grappling gun)).

sm9015 - Game files (Things related with the wp1151)

sm9015_01 - Game files (Things related with the wp1151)

sm9015_02 - Game files (Things related with the wp1151)

Unknown but important looking/others

PlayerBase - ¿¿¿???

Stp - It contains a .stp file for each stage. contains player spawn coordinates for each stage. (sectus)

uPlEmo: Voices (Wait,Follow me,etc)

uPlVoice: Effect Sounds (Example: Taunt)

uPlWat - ¿¿¿???

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