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This is a list of various changes made by our mod, for those users who enjoy lots of numbers...

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• Over 120 new techs across every era. Most techs have voice acting.
• 20 new civics, 3 for each category except religious. “Old” civics are also reworked, in many cases completely so.
• Over 80 new conventional promotions, including new promotions exclusive to naval units; this doesn’t cover the traditions and doctrines, providing another 60 unique advantages to your units.
• Over 90 new leaders for existing civs, each with his own personality (3 of them has been since independently added to BtS).
• 5 new leader traits: Humanist, Political, Progressive, Seafarer and Agricultural, to make sure there are many unique combinations to try out.
• Leader drawbacks to flesh out the personalities of leaders even better. Now each leader has one negative trait in addition to two positive ones, from the list of 14 drawbacks.
• 1 new civ. Despite our original intention to add no new civs, Poland kind of got added in; now it is as well-developed civ as any other, offering a rich gameplay experience. Please note that current version does not have any civs added by BtS as playable yet.
• 8 broad new unit categories (like Light Cavalry, Submarines, etc.).
• Over 40 new land unit classes (like Fusiliers, Hussars, Armored Cars etc.).
• Over 20 new naval unit classes (like Sloop, Ship of the Line, Dreadnought etc.).
• 11 new air unit classes (like Jet Bomber, Early Fighter etc.).
• Unique limited national units for each civ (more than 40 in total, since many civ have more than one).
• Unique limited world “wonder” units, 5 in total.
• Too many individual new units for me to even estimate their number, bringing both flavor and strategy differences for each civ (expect to field lots of different phalanx as Greeks and learn to love the desert as Arabs); over 2000 is a good estimate.
• Unique artstyles assigned to civilizations; many buildings change their looks according to the era and to the particular civ that built them, similar to what Cultural Citystyles does, but handled a bit differently.
• Over 50 new regular buildings to construct in your cities (Schools, Caravan Houses, Manufactories etc.).
• Around 30 new special industrial buildings used to convert some resources into other ones (ranging from smithing Bronze to producing Microchips).
• Over 35 new World Wonders to give you an edge over opponents.
• Over 30 new resources, some to be harvested, some to be produced by your industries.
• Unique great people; when a great person is born, expect to see his/her artistic rendition or photo and either find out his/her biography or to learn a quote of his/hers. 1004 total – imagine that for a moment!
• Deadly pandemics will devastate the cities of rulers that are careless with sanitation.
• Great Generals can now found military traditions and discover Great Doctrines, increasing the combat capacity of your troops.
• Inquisitors can purge the heathen from theocratic cities.
• Slaves and serfs can start rebellions that you will have to put down by force.
• Unique stack aid bonus component: units will get significant aid bonus from combined arms tactics. Using diverse army composition has never been as beneficial before.
• Institute slavery, and capture slaves from combat – or free them if you’re fighting a slave-holding nation, while you are not.
• No more pharaohs trading blueprints! Watch techs spread passively from neighbor to neighbor instead, as was really the case in history (you can use the old tech trading system if you prefer, though).
• World religions are starkly different from each other, each having its own unique drawbacks and advantages - from spread rates to denying specific resources.
• Place your faith into any of the religion-specific unique units; every religion has one, and they all serve different purposes.
• Every religion has two Great Wonders associated with it to further spice up religious development.
• Enjoy our custom-built World Map and bear in mind Realism Invictus was designed to be compatible with random maps, and many custom map generation scripts for even more replayability (and more unpredictable multiplayer games).

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i think that there will be too many buildings to build, or this will be too complicated

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pericanet - - 650 comments

exelent but more nations more more..

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