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Randomly gives each player 10 ta every minute. Makes the game harder and more intense when you have to improvise a air strike.

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Random Ta Generator:

  • Randomly gives each player 10 new ta in the first ta menu
  • Random Ta is assigned every minute, always changing players options
  • One out of ten games, there will be no ta available for the entire match. Makes for the toughest of battles.

One reason for introducing the Random ta generator is it makes the game harder and more realistic. In normal wic, All the ta was available at any time allowing players to always choose the appropriate ta for the situation. With the random Ta generator, not all the ta is available and players can choose to wait for the appropriate strike, and risk missing a target of opportunity, or settle for a different ta that might or might not work. This adds tension and adds key decision making opportunities to the game. It also adds more realism in the fact there are only so many support options for the men on the ground at any given time, and this simulates the always changing battlefield.

Another reason for this is the default game only had room for three ta menus of 10 ta each. This allowed for only 30 ta maximum for each faction. With the random ta generator, it selects the ta from a long python list, and allows the game to have far more than the max default of 30 ta, but only 10 are available at any one time.

This feature has been written in python and is included with the mod. To enable or disable random ta mode, you have to edit the settings files of this mod. To see how to find and edit the settings files, look here

Image of a randomly generated ta menu:

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