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Hello guys, here is the list of all new things coming with R1 release of my mod. this article can be edited EDIT 26/06/2013

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New unique Race : Royal Navy
The Royal Navy belongs to the Empire, defend the civilians against pirates.

New Ships :
- Admiral Ships :
Navy Titan (special Ship with Ironclad technology)
Navy StarHammer
Navy Man Of War Class battleship
Admiral Amelia's Command Ship (modified Heavy Escorter)
Commander Jim Hawkins' Command Ship (modified Man of War)
Captain Lee Pederson Commandant Ship (modified Fast Frigate)
Navy Experimental cruiser

- Cruisers :
Navy Frigate
Navy Minelayer
Navy Fast Frigate
Navy Heavy Cutter

- Frigates :
Navy torpedo boat
Navy Heavy scout
Navy Cutter
Navy Warsloop
Navy Tender

- Tactical building :
Navy Weapons barge
Military research island
Civilian research island
Trade station/island
Navy tender (repair station)
Navy Starport (Cressantia)
Navy StarBase


Looks great, though you might want to make the tender a capitol ship instead of a structure. You can always just use a small dock-island for a repair structure.

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MagicalPaladin Author

i think the tender is not enought "big" to be a captital ship, but why not, i think this is better

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