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Presentation of the mod "Nobility deprivement!" .

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This mod provides you with the chance of depriving your foe of their nobiliary title making them lowborn. Of course, to avoid exploitation and to maintain a balanced game there are restriction on when you can use it and on whom you can use it.


To be able to use this targetted decision, the player must:

  • Have at least 100 prestige, that will be consumed upon acting on the decision
  • Be an human player

While the targetted character must:

  • Or be a rival of the player Or have committed dishonourable acts or personal crime against the player!
  • Be a subject, ,even indirect, of the player
  • Be landless
  • Not be of the same dynasty of the player
  • Not have a truce with the player
  • Not be an heir to any title whatsoever

The decision will also comport a big opinion malus.


As any not-graphical mod it will not be compatible with achievements, even in Ironman!.

Since it does not edit directly any files, it should be compatible with almost any other mods!


To install the mod simply drag the folder and the .txt file inside the zip folder into the mod folder in the Crusader Kings II folder in "Documents". If the folder is absent, create it! DO NOT use the mod folder in the main game directory, it will not work.


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