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Its initial test for power loader, kindly make any suggestion in structure and animation, I will try to implement them.

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Base Animation :

Power Loader Alpha Test 1 :

Power Loader Alpha Test 2 :

-The basic idea I have in my mind is to weaponize it in two categories, one is where this basic models have two melee weapon, where also have small weapon attachment, as by movie schematic, it does have place for attachment of welder, so we can have smart gun or M4 or welder or any other small weapon for it, the next is heavy armored version of it used by both Weyland-Yutani Corporation and USMC, where let this normal version used by USMC, cause Weyland-Yutani Corporation Mercs are definitely more resourceful than USMC.

-But still opinions matters, so give your wildest idea.

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