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A little article about Pokemon. Love them or hate them, the fact remains that Pokemon is the most successful RPG out there, except maybe Final Fantasy...

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Pokemon, Nintendo's premier collect, battle, and trade franchise, the one that started them all. Many more games have been built on that standard; very few have succeeded, and none have come close to the RPG giant that Pokemon is. Sadly, the first thing that comes to many people's minds when they hear "Pokemon" is that it is a stupid kid's show with whiny anime characters, and that is true. However, the show is the worst possible representation of the actual game series. Now, it's true that Pokemon is more designed for kid's than, say, Final Fantasy 7. However, there is much more depth in the games than the simple story and catching a Caterpie, other Pokemon vets will know what I'm talking about. Pokemon is nostalgia, it's a journey, but most importantly, it's Nintendo's 2nd best selling franchise, behind a certain Italian-plumber-who-serves-as-the-mascot-for-a-japanese-gaming-company. `_` Anyway, yeah, Pokemon sells. the question is, why? If it is indeed the stupid thing everyone makes it out to be, why does it sell so well? Because it isn't what everyone makes it out to be. The bottom line is that Pokemon is a very good game, like it or not.

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