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Here comes the changelog with the new features of the third Open Test of Wisteria!

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⊖ Created a new Season Setting, that lets we define how hard the global cap is, and how it scales comparing to online players. (This lets we test some real fun gain curves, to make the wipe less grindish and more RP oriented)
⊖ Reduced the cap on Focus Training from 350% the cap to 60% the global cap.
⊖ Reduced the cap on Workout/Study from 150% the cap to 80% the global cap.
⊖ Created a custom account system for the game, allowing the development of our own client.
⊖ Created a MoTD system, that will appear on the client splash screen.
⊖ Client Splash Screen MoTD now supports videos and screenshots.
⊖ Added Arena TVs, that lets you watch Gym Battle from anywhere using your Cellphone.
⊖ Says and RPs happening on TV will be displayed on your Phone Green screen.
⊖ Your team gain 90% of the experience by watching Gym Battles from Arena TVs
⊖ Ads msgs will appear on the chat when Arena TV is broadcasting.
⊖ Can now have multiple Arena TVs running at the same time.
⊖ Losing an Official Battle will give your entire team exp, as if you were watching.
⊖ Fixed a bug with Pokephone Camera not displaying light properly, allowing the returnal of selfie camera mode.
⊖ Added Scents, left by criminal actions.
⊖ Added Odor Sleauth, able to track criminals by sniffing scents left behind.
⊖ Added trails, letting it possible to track someone from multiple maps away.
⊖ Added a Journal/Feed/Forum ingame system.
⊖ Many different forums can be created at runtime and manipulated at will.
⊖ Added personal Journals at Trainer Menu.
⊖ Added Public Feeds.
⊖ Now players can access feeds based on knowledge they obtain, letting gangs and organization have their own feeds.
⊖ Added Admin feeds, where players can send their topics to the Admins for judgement.
⊖ Feeds can countain screenshots and videos!
⊖ A Feed Admin can close, open, approve and deny topics!
⊖ Added comment, like, dislike to topics, for better event handling!
⊖ Clicking the icon of someone in a topic, will open their personal journal if you have admin access.
⊖ Added Web Button in PCs, using Web will let you access feeds wich your char have knowledge about, defaults: News and Laws.
⊖ Added another Farm, Police Department Box.
⊖ Added Thief Perk.
⊖ Added Steal Mode, activating it and finishing someone will steal one of their pokemon.
⊖ When a thief is caught, every stolen pokemon they have will be sent to their original owner box in the Police Department.
⊖ Stolen Pokemon cant be released, nor sent to Capsule shops.
⊖ Leaving Police Station will make you lose the Police DP Box access, however talking with the receptionist will give it again.
⊖ Field of the Police Department Box is located inside the station in a room filled with cages.
⊖ Added a new setting for NPCs called "Goals" letting us make more dynamic jobs. (like Help Wild Growth and Investigate).
⊖ Added Investigator Perk.
⊖ Investigator Perk can perform Investigate action that is also training method with pokemon witht he proper traits.
⊖ Investigators can teach Odor Sleauth to pokemon with the proper trait by using Investigate.
⊖ Added Soldier Perk.
⊖ Soldiers can earn an extra health bonus and how to grab other players around.
⊖ Added Police Badge. (Requires Investigator or Soldier to perform its full functions)
⊖ Officer Can use the badge to perform Arrest Warrant
⊖ Added Arrest Warrant, able to debuff someone by -0.5x their battle effects, and if finishing the enemy will send them to the jail.
⊖ Jail Settings controls the prisoner accusations and prison time, that can be changed by Captains or the Commander after a judgement.
⊖ Added Jail Life, as prisoner perform a cycle of actions their prison time decreases
⊖ Added Knowledges for Prisoner status_ Prisoner, Ex Prisoner, Fugitive.
⊖ When being jailed all your pokémon from every farm will be sent to the police DP,
⊖ Ex-Prisoners can withdraw their pokemon in the Police DP. (fugitives cant)
⊖ Police Officers can get money also performing the "Caught Prisoner" Goal, catching fugitives gives 4x more.
⊖ Added a third Button on PokePhone to call online Officers to a specific location, (described in a short text)
⊖ Added a wall phone inside the jails for prisoners to call for assistance.
⊖ Added new Rank Police Commander, that can promote polices into Captains or demote them removing their Police Badge
⊖ Added Archeologist Perk, receive better chances on obtaining fossils, and are able to study them.
⊖ Added Cheerleader Perk, able to boost someone else.
⊖ Added Idol Perk, gets extra offensive boosts when is being cheered.
⊖ Added Charismatic Perk, gets extra defensive boosts when being cheered.
⊖ Added Destiny Duo, gets a boost when using their starter.
⊖ Added Everfriend, can make 6 unevolved pokemon as everfriends, and cant release or evolve them, but receive a nice boost.
⊖ Added Collector, gets milestone boosts on capturing new pokemons, receive team experience when capturing, and a higher capture rate.
⊖ Added Fanatic, gets a boost when using pokemon from the same evolution tree.
⊖ Added Expert, gets a bonus when using same type attacks.
⊖ Added League Star, gets bonus related to the amount of badges they have, while they have a high league fame(gold+)
⊖ Added Geneticist, able to revive fossils and learn other pokemon genetic management.
⊖ Added Geologists, able to discover what evolutions stone do, knowledge needed before using any of them. They can also study rocks and other gems.
⊖ Added Escape Artists, able to learn how to craft and use escape ropes, that sends them to last visited spawn.
⊖ Added Aura Guardians, can learn how to use aura skills and track others by sensing them.
⊖ Fixed a bug where say messages was crossing walls.
⊖ Added more verbs for Head Admins.
⊖ You can now check your CP (Combat Power) in your Trainer menu/Stats. (When controling the pokemon)
⊖ You can now check your TRPP (Total roleplay points) in yoiur trainer menu/RP Rating.


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