Well 1st this mod stated as an idea for a personal mod then it went on to become a goal which could be achieved if i could find the time. Well its Christmas I'm off school and it was the only time i could figure out how it would work. A quick summary of features

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Things that will need to be changed.

•Anomalies - simple enough.
•technology - a bit confusing but not a problem.
•ship models in game - already covered.
•heroes - will take time.
•planets texture (earth, Palaven and sur' kesh) - haven't gotten this to work but is probably my blondness.
•adding planet models (the citadel and omega) - don't think this has been implemented yet
•faction images and description - already done.
•Wonders - challenging but it must be done
•Battle formation (Opposing fleets facing each other instead of broadside battles)- most likely the hardest thing which will be needed done.
•Anything else i have missed will be easily changed.

upcoming expansion pack
with a new expansion pack on the way which is supposed to include ground battles and carriers ,ill just have to wait to see how it turns out. Carriers and fighters will be easily imported but i don't know how the ground battles will play out , is it a cut scene or a an actual battle ? i don't know.
i have also seen the desire for a council like system form other 4x games which would be great concerning the council from mass effect. Plus depending on how well i develop my modding skill during this process i would like to add few things into the mod such as

•more ambiance ,and don't forget the mass relays - these would act as uncolinizable which would instantly take a fleet to another relay in its radius or primary relays which would instantly travel you to another relay across the galaxy.
•The ability to construct buildings at a planet and transport them using a freighter to another planet - which would be great for new planets with low resources.
• If the council feature is introduced then the treaty of farixen (limiting dreadnoughts) would come into affect ,if you are a council member.
•i want to implement a feature which causes colony ships to spawn at planets and colonize systems on their own and wouldn't be under your rule - similar to Horizing in mass effect 2 where citizens who dislike the alliance make their own colony.


This is a really interesting idea, and I wish you the best of luck with it! How do you "vote up" or what have on this thing?

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I LOVE this idea, P.S Probably better ending than the origional game!!!

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Will the Geth have an affinity like the Harmony, where they don't have a currency and no upkeep cost? I was just wondering because the Geth just don't seem like they would have any reason to have a currency system.

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