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So,i'm doing good. Alliance Normandy sr2 and Normandy sr3 are in the game with the saturn level and better grapichs

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SSV Normandy SR2
he deck layout of the Normandy SR-2 remains much the same as before
the Alliance began retrofitting her. Significant changes include a new
War Room built into Deck 2, with the Armory being shifted to Deck 5,
which has been reconstructed and made accessible.

Deck 1: Captain's Cabin

ME3 Captain's Cabin

1 is the Captain's Cabin. It contains an aquarium, armor locker,
private terminal, display case for model ships, and a bathroom.
The model ship display case now spans an additional wall, allowing
for more to be displayed. Any models previously acquired can be found in
crates around the Normandy. Similarly, the Space Hamster can be
recovered in the lower engineering deck, and returned to the cabin. The
N7 helmet, Prothean relic and dogtags are no longer present. If Shepard
romances Kelly Chambers, a picture of her, from the days she spent on
Normandy, will appear on the desk, near the terminal. If Tali is
romanced, a picture of her without the helmet will appear on the drawer
near Shepard's bed.
Normandy SR3It will be longer and more powerfull than the SR2NOTE: More powerfull part will have Sound in the final version of the game.

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