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Here you'll find out plenty of info about OC-TANE! What it is, what makes it special and a whole bunch of other stuff! Expect more to come.

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OC-TANE is a new take on some old classics. Take the mayhem and fun of Micro Machines and mix that up with the insane speed and future looks of WIPEOUT and you have the feel for our game, OC-TANE.

There's a huge variety of ships to choose from and there will be a massive amount of tracks to race on in single player mode (which will come a few months after release) or play with all of your friends in multiplayer (up to 8 players).

This is our first game for the OUYA, and you can be guaranteed that this slick beauty will be getting ported over to all of your favourite devices so you can continue your speedster racing mayhem wherever and whenever you like.

What makes the OUYA version really special is that there will be a built in level editor and up to 8 players multiplayer. This will allow you to build as many weird and wacky tracks as you like, then you can thrash your mates on them!

In OC-TANE you take control of futuristic, streamlined dream machines. Over a huge variety of tracks, fly your ship as fast and as nastily as you can to become OC-TANE's Number 1!

We want to create OC-TANE because of 3 things:

We played MIRCO MACHINES. When we were younger we all played (at some point) Micro Machines. We loved the mayhem, the brutality of it. But most of all, the fun. Having your friends round and having those big multiplayer battles. At the end of each race you just know you are either expecting to be punched by a mate as you gracefully pip them to the finish line, or screaming at the TV how you feel inexplicably cheated - yes we've all been there.

WIPEOUT! When Wipeout came out we remember being completely blown away. The pace of the thing! The futuristic setting and the slick graphic design by Designers Republic. Oh, and let's not forget that pumping Techno sound track!

All of the above and a few other things. Because we like those games so much we decided that using our small development team we wanted to contribute something to the OUYA that we would want to play (and hopefully you will too.) To combine hectic multiplayer fun with insane pace, speed and futuristic trimmings is too irresistible to us, and we hope it will be to you too.

There will be the following game types: Single Player Mode, Time Trial and Multiplayer (2-8 Players) to include a variety of racing and game modes. There are so far 16 tracks in the pipeline, each one completely different. They'll be filled with some seriously insane and evil tricks to get your pulses racing (and those RAGE videos appearing on YOUTUBE :) ). We plan on creating even more tracks, just as soon as we have the designs down - but why stop there? With our in-built level editor, you'll be able to design your own!

User feedback is really important to projects, and we'd really like to have a community around OC-TANE to make full use of that input. We believe in Crowd-Developeing! We want feedback and input, we need to know what we can do better to please you and have you get as much enjoyment out of OC-TANE as is humanly possible.

We hope you like what you see, and play OC-TANE when it's released!

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