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Here is Nun's Mission from Black Sands Visual Novel.

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Many millennia ago, there was a being of otherworldly origin sent to Earth to Engineer humanity to a higher calling. Earth had long been a place of interest but the population of Earth seemed primitive and destined to be nothing more than tribal savages. Thus Nun was sent to “help.” It took thousands of years to travel from his origin home. He was placed in hibernation during this time…


In the fourth millennia BCE he arrived. His people worked in four dimensions and his ship tore a hole in ours, creating a rift somewhere in the cradle of life, Canaan. He rose from the liquid of his ship recovering from stasis and once he regained his memories, he put himself to work. His first task was to see the state of humanity.


He summoned a great spirit known as “The Eye of Oblivion” which sees all and knows all. He used this eye to log all the information about the tribal groups of primitive man. To his surprise, humanity did not stay in tribes. They actually advanced in culture, creating small towns and forming groups. Nun contemplated on whether he should interfere but his connection with his people was severed and unlike humans, they have no means to resist their purpose in life.


Nun continued his mission by creating overlords that would push humanity toward greatness. These overlords were not of Earthly origin however. They were that of the Maker. Alien in nature and immortal. They left the rift to seek humanity and bring about a new age of prosperity and development. Sadly, things were not destined so…


That was a millennia ago, but now in the third millennia Nun decided to make a completely different class of leaders. Of this, Rah was the first. Rah was not much different from humans but he did possess power humans do not. In time he was given brothers and a sister.

They all grew up together. Nun watched carefully as he never saw humans develop. Simple things like learning how to talk perplexed Nun and revitalized his aged body. Over time, he noticed that the children were more prone to violence and combat then normally expected. Nun knew that their otherworldly potential would manifest itself over time.

Rather than rush this change, he allowed them to reach the age of ten before ever training them in the art of war. Of the young, Rah stood out as the leader and unnaturally indifferent to everyone. Nun noticed there was something wrong with the child and that it probably was his fault as the creator, for he had never made a human before. None the less, he watched carefully to see what the boy would become...

That was many years ago…

The Three Kings

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