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Patch 1.4 for Lost Stars has been released, and it brings a new weapon type along with much more!

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Cluster Missiles:

Cluster Missiles Patch 1.4

Homing Torpedoes:

Homing Torpedes Patch 1.4

Greetings from Pill Bug Games!

We are excited to bring you this patch as it brings new content that will add even more variety to the gameplay. There is a new weapons class called torpedoes! There are two of them in this patch, and we plan on releasing a third one in the next patch.
Homing Torpedoes: After launch a homing torpedo will, to a limited amount, direct itself towards targets in front of it. It isn’t a guaranteed hit, but is ideal for those situations where you can’t quite line up the perfect shot.
Cluster Missiles: The cluster missile is a trap, it has a delay after being deployed. For a few seconds 3 missiles just sit there, then speed off in the direction they were launched. This weapon is ideal for not exposing yourself when enemies are chasing you.
This patch also brings some balance changes and a mute button. The Harasser Class Picket has had its maneuverability and shields buffed. A few of the Act I missions were too hard for so early in the game, so they have been made a little easier. The mute button can be found in the main menu. If you press it it will mute the game audio.
Enjoy the new weapons! We look forward to your feedback.

1.4 Patch Notes

Added a new weapon type: Torpedoes

Added two new weapons: Homing Torpedoes, Cluster Missiles

Added a “Mute Audio” toggle button on the main menu screen

Reduced the difficulty of several Act 1 missions

Buffed the Harasser Class Picket (more maneuverable, more shields)

Fixed minor glitches

Read the original post HERE.

Get the free demo HERE.

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