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This article will explain the new features and how to use them.

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this is a how to use the new features of the mod.
First of all, you can now bleed. When you take a shot, you will bleed. While you are bleeding you lose health and your sight will blur a bit. To stop the bleeding you can hold for a while the "use" button to make you a bandage. It will take time to do the bandage and meanwhile you are immobilized. When the bandage will be done, you sight will be clearer and you will be free to move again.
PS : If you lose to much blood, your view will be randomly alterated by a blur effect. It will happen until you die or respawn.

A new functionality is that you can change you fire rate. To do that, go in the section 'multiplayer commands" and bind a key on "changing fire rate". Then, press the button "execute changingFireRate" to active the functionality. If you close the game, you will have to press that button again. To avoid that, you can add "+exec ChangingFireRate.cfg" to your shortcut. It will automaticly execute the file and the functionality. Then, press the binded key to switch your fire rate to semi-automatic, and again to switch back to automatic. It does not work with the M16 and the stock semi-automatic weapons.

The bomb will not be automaticly take up when you run over it. You have to press the "use" button to load it.

That's all for now of the new not-instinctive features. If a feature is add or if too many people ask me about something, I'll edit the post to add the how to.

Have a GG players ;)

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