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I have long been,think the number of functions enclose in your mod at,and me in head came many ideas on this occasion,and at me it turned to invest in it is direct conversion of 20 pieces.

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1.The game, which will be long.
2.Easters.3.You will breathe.4.After what some scripts, you'll saying something.5.You will be able to extinguish almost any light.6.The mod will not be dull.7.The old idea with slime.
8.Sometimes, it will be possible knock out stones(and fracture blockages) a pickaxe.
9.New monsters (also the dead).
10.New flashback.
11.New decals.
12.And many new different textures.
13.Some subjects which you will taking will be with you almost to the end the game.
14.Good music.
15.After each of your steps can collapse a wall or ceiling.
16.New lantern.
17.In conversion i will have super secret.
18.You will be able to talk to by various people, and they will meet you to.
19.If you will explore this castle, then you can learn why in him all died.
20.And good atmosphere.

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