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Here are some of fine musics we will use in the game.

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Hello, it's been a while :)

We have been progressing fairly slow this month due to a school project we have to finish. But we manage to work on this project little by little. We have been improving the environment around the farm. We've expanded the world size to improve town's surroundings. We also have started to work on intro cinematic a little. And lastly, we took a lot of times to look for and evaluate these fine quality musics for the game.
And actually this article is quite far from satisfying but it's just for kicking some activities in this page. :)

Well now...
Put on your headset, lean back, relax, and listen to these cheering and mind soothing musics!

1. Intro (0:00)
Will be used in intro cinematic when you play the map for the first time. You are arrived at the dock and the mayor will welcome you and walk you to the farm.

2. Forest (1:49)
These tranquil melodies will be played when you are in the forest and crescent lake areas.

3. Spring (3:35)
Such a chilling music. Will be the theme music for spring season.

4. Autumn (4:39)
Kind of cheering music. Will be the theme music for autumn season.

5. Margarett's theme (5:34)
This beautiful music will be used for cutscenes of Margarett.

6. Jayne's theme (8:10)
This cheerful music will be used for cutscenes of Jayne.

7. Outro/credit scene (10:36)
Will be the background music of outro/credits cinematics (when you complete the game)

We also have bunch of other fine musics for the game. But we can't manage to include them all due to file size limit. And those character names above are still in concept and design.

And thank you to all visitors for not letting the project page become completely dead within these last weeks. :D

All musics are licensed under:
And authors will be given credits properly on project release.


I hope this map turns out to be a great game like harvest moon:)

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henrys. Author

Thank you guest :)

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Could you give me a link,i really love this music and want to download it >_<

It's okay if you don't want though...

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