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Time stamps and Game lore for Monsters' from Men. More lore will be added as time goes on and lore is more fleshed out Feel free to comment on thoughts and adjustments to the lore

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  • Intro

War between the Wild Hunt is over, Geralt of rivia slain and Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon gone. The northern realms could not withstand Emperor Emhyr's countless legions. Black banners flew over Novigrad and all of the north. Weary of rebel raids, Emperor Emhyr var Emreis returned to nilfgaard; To settle discrepancies foreign and domestic. However, despite the efforts made In skellege The white frost poured into this world, plaguing the realms with ice and snow, it's people being taken as slaves to the wild hunt. Ships readied to sail under the orders of Morvran Voorhis, Commander of the Alba and Imperator of the nilfgaardian northern realms after Contact was lost with Emhyr var Emreis. All men women and children truly loyal to Nilfgaard gathered in port cities and set off to find a new home. *Northern Kingdoms,1276

Geralt of Rivia's death Urged the people of skellige and their Queen to flee their Ancestral home. With the wild hunt murdering Crach and men along with anyone who denied to leave the isle of Undvik were slain by the wild hunt. Cerys the first queen of Skellige Decreed any ship able to sail must gather all the men women and children the vessel may hold and abandon Skellige in search of safety for her people. *Ard Skellig, 1274

  • Blue Rose Uprising

For years the Order of the Blue rose have lived on Zohavar alongside the elves and nonhumans, simply a religious group set out on determining why the gods make the sun douce itself in the blue waters, forming the Blue rose.
Olelilin the former high priest of the order used his position of power for good, spreading the faith throughout all of Zohavar, bringing food and ale to the needy and bringing the world of medicine to the minds of the Humans. As of 25 years BA High priesthood was given to Kareth sun of Oleliin in the wake of his death. As his father's path sought to help the people and grow, Kareth only looked towards war. Blaming his father's demise on the elven mages and their "Medicine" Kareth grew to hate the elves and openly speak against them, leading small bands of religious acolytes on raids and ambushes against imperial rule, bringing for what was more a rebelion then a religion.

Five years before the Emperor was Assassinated at the hands of the blue rose, he decreed the faith and all its devout followers be banished to the atrocious acts performed by kareths' inner party, sparking only more rage and determination.
After the empire led a failed invasion into the forests of verkesh, the order finally had the perfect time to strike, the emperor held a large festival in the Great city of Niamond in honor of the legion lost deep within the forest. as the emperor stood above his beloved people a Knife found his heart and he sank to the ground, lifeless his body draped over the balkany for all to see as Kareths men slaughtered all they could before being cut down by the empresses mage guard. As she fled Kareths long campaign of misery and disdain had finally come through, as he laid waste to the city, rounding up all nonhumans and Empire supporters and burning them alive so that even the sun would look away at its brightness. 1 year later Kareths campaign has cost the empire dearly, taking control of the northern most province and cutting the empire away from its vassals, plunging the land of Zohavar into complete Civil war. * County of Niamond, 1275


So this mod's going with the continuation of the bad ending of the game? Very interesting.

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Utyug Author

Yes, Basically the mod from the star has always been what would you the player have done if geralt died on Undvik

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