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I was thinking: Is it possible for the community to be able to create a mod for hl 1 with a good story, with little cost, few modifications and have a good result?

I am mapper of both Valve Engines and I usually think about it, but I can never get ideas off the paper simply because I do not have a Team or decent stuff.

I've also worked on a mod where I'd like to put that thrill of mods as paranoia. Here's my mod


Templarfreak - - 6,722 comments

Like, pretty much just no other changes but like a simple custom campaign with its own story and maps and that's it? It just kind of depends on how good the story is and how fun the maps are.

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Xalalau - - 95 comments

Yes, I'm doing that. Dedication, hard work, long way. Hu3hu3hu3

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