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Mod idea for EAW based on Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.

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*I just played the game again so I know what is called what. If you have no knowledge of the campaign mode, you're probably gonna be lost*

I know what you're probably wondering "That game was horse crap. Why would anyone want to want a mod for this?". I for one really enjoyed the campaign and the possible fun that could be had. I was playing the campaign and I thought that it could be interesting for the story to be added to the game. The two factions would be the UNSA and the SDF just like the campaign.

I think there could be one galactic conquest map where it's the Sol System and the UNSA and SDF battle for control. The map would include the planets you encounter during the campaign and maybe a few more such as moons or stations so the map is not small and end quickly.


The two capital ships would be the Olympus Mon and the Retribution. The Olympus Mon could act as Piett's ship with the beam and the Retribution can act as Ackbar's ship with the addition of a hangar for the Jackal squads.

Supporting Fleet:
UNSA: Carriers (Mon Cala Ship with hangar), Destroyer (Assault Frigate) and the Frigate (Nebulon-B)

SDF: Carrier (Star Destroyer) , Destroyer (Acclamator), and the Cutter (Tartan)

Fighters and Bombers:
UNSA: Jackal (X-wing with missiles) and a modified Raven (Y-wing with increase speed)

SDF: Sketler (Tie Fighter)and the ACE Sketler (Tie Bomber with increase speed)

Roles for Support Fleet:
Carriers are obvious, they would carry the fighters into combat.

Destroyers would be the medium ground.

Frigates are the counter to Cutters.

Cutters are to counter Jackals.

The UNSA doesn't have a ship dedicated to destroying fighters as that would be the Jackals job.


UNSA: Reyes (Retribution), Salter (Jackal Squad), and Tigris (Destroyer).

SDF: Kotch (Olympus Mons), Caleb Thies (Icarus/Destroyer), and an ACE Sketler squad from the Wanted Board in the campaign.

Bases: This would be tricky as there aren't too many stations in space during the campaign but there are a few and I am sure there are some talented people can take one and scale it down and make it progress as you level it up.


Units: There would be the Infantry (Rigs from MP), bots, and apcs.

Buildings: There would be the Barracks, Command Center (Upgrades and Hero units), Vehicle factory, Bot factory, and then AATIS guns (Turbo Laser Towers).

Hero Units:

UNSA: Reyes and Salter(Takes place of Han and Chewie), Omar (Marine squad with Brooks and Kash), and Ethan (Bot Squad)

SDF: Bradley Fillion (Connor Mcgreggor's character (Had to google it myself lol)) and then Akeel Min Riah.

So this was my idea, I would do it but it seems to be ambiotius for me. I just wanted to share it and maybe inspire some other people who are extremely talented to make the mod. Leave your thoughts down below!

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Sounds like a good idea, I liked the setting for IW a lot

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