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WW2 Source Mod on ep2 Across the Battlefields touching on battles form 1939 on through 1945 .

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AtB is a First Person Multiplayer WW2 Mod where you can fight side by side with your allied countries on both, Allies and Axis.

The Teams are as follows...

Allies Teams...
United States
Great Britain
Soviet Union

Axis Teams...

AtB mod will also feature player driven & shootable tanks, trucks & half-tracks on specific levels to add excitement to the game . There will be a
limited number of tanks (2-4) per level to prevent tank spamming.
As for player game styles, AtB will offer several depending on the level. AtB will include the Classic WW2 "Capture The Area" aka "Flag levels",
"Attack and Defend Objectives" and "Capture the Documents".

Other game styles such as "Capture & Return Hostages" and drivable tank related objective levels
will also be included .

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:O "player driven & shootable tanks"

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