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Here is the list of the current missions made by mostly me (Horus) and one made by another guy, which you can play easily on Mission Maker.

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If you're wondering if there are any missions that has been made using Mission Maker -
Yes! there are some.

This is the list of the user made missions, mostly by me (Horus) and KokosGranie, which you can play & explore. Links to download are in the video descriptions, but if you don't want to watch - i'll link it too here:

Mission no.1 Beating the Snitches (by me):


Mission no.2 - Ambush (by Kokos Granie):


Mission no.3 - San Fierro Taxi (made by me):

Mission no.4 - LV Sprint (made by me):


Paste all of the missions to the Mission Maker folder in Modloader!

And many more! You can browse my YouTube channel, and find some news about updates, and more missions that i'm covering from this modification!

Visit the official Discord channel to troubleshoot problems, if you have ones.

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