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The First Mission in the Campaign Dawn Of Sorrow...

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So, in the campaign, it's an alternate history (thanks to our favorite CnC villian) where Garithos WINS the battles when his forces got weakened and left with no scars on his army. Grom's spirit lurks the lands for vengense against the Burning Legion, Malfurion and Tyrande are watching Kael's base near Dalaran, but not in the lake until Kael returns, Maiev is planing to imprison Malfurion and Tyrande after somehow leaving Outland, and let's just say some humans are leaving the Alliance. A few Forgotten Ones (Yes, I said Forgotten Ones *remember Anub'arak said A forgotten one, not THE forgotten one*) are captured and enslaved by the Seperatists and the Scourge, and Sylvanas is joining the ranks of the Alliance.

As for the mission...

Garithos has come back to his main base to boast about his success but he learns from scouts that his base is overrun. So, Garithos decides to liberate it, but immediately after an encounter with some Seperatists he finds a few Watch Towers. The Orcs have all left or been slaughtered, Garithos thinks. So he meets up with Grom and meets up with the Naga and is forced to team up with them. With the Naga, Grom, and a few rescued Archers, Garithos heads south to obtain some Shades from Sylvanas's Forsaken. Later, two priests warn Garithos of a Flesh Golem... but forgot to mention a Forgotten One. After passing through Ogres, Warlocks, and Zombies, Garithos meets up with the Dranei, and gets into his base. Malfurion and Tyrande are the sole guardians of the outpost. Garithos also encounters an outpost of the Forsaken, and destroys the Watcher's base, the Scourge Citadel, and the Human Seperatists's outpost. Only to be turned into mindless slaves of the Scourge...


bet this is crap like others will units speck like in red 3

cos the starcraft one has same **** voices

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FiremariomkiZX Author

If only Warcraft III can edit voices.

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