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The Features in Red Square Massacre for Call of Duty (2) SP for PC

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The Features in RSM

-Rewrite history as you fight as a German soldier in the battle-hardened 6th army,retaking Redsquare.
-Alternative paths in areas allow re-playability and different enemies to fight.
-Traditional Cod gameplay.
-Intense firefights and chokepoints require the player to think before proceeding.
-New weapon sounds from the Back2Fronts mod team.
-Custom models from the Back2Fronts mod team.
-(Hopefully) An atmosphere that will immerse the player.
-Outdoor,Indoor and Vertical combat,challenging terrain.
-3 map zones each with distinctive looks. Redsquare/The Office Buildings/Military Complex
-Detailed environments and level design.
-Backstory hidden throughout the map in the form of letters/noticeboard/books.
-Hidden Easter Eggs.
-Something new to challenge the Cod community (This will not be an easy mission,tread carefully)
-Boss fights

Toucan - - 28 comments

Backstory?Sounds interesting.

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BerkayKıray - - 101 comments

boss fights ??

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