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New notes on development of the sci fi card battler Metroplex Zero.

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This has been an exciting week watching so many players participate in our 2nd playtest! So many exciting combos I got to personally see and ton of exciting ideas for the future too.

We had a competition for the largest damage number from a card this playtest and watching people devise and scheme up various ideas has been a blast!

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Weekend Dev Notes - Noah - Lead Debugger

With lots of playtesting, comes lots of bugs and noticing of the rough edges to be polished. This weekend has been tracking and killing a variety of bugs or polishing things that confused players. I'm happy to get to a variety of changes I wanted to have knocked out earlier as well during this polish weekend.

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I really love how fast we can iterate on our game at this point. The ability to see what we want to change and quickly tune it has been stellar.

Feel free to wishlist Metroplex Zero on Steam.

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