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Mercenaries are one of the primordial troops in the vanilla game, often being a good replacement for some factional troops, in the mod, Mercenaries are going to be expanded upon.

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List of the thinked and possible mercenaries and other troops for hire that will be implemented on the mod:

  1. Black Guard (being working on): The Black Guards are heavy armored troops, named after the colour of their armor (duh...). They take inpsiration on the hungarian Black Army of the XV century. They come into three variants: Crossbowman, Pikeman and Cavalry. They're gonna be probably the most expensive troops to both contract and maintain in the mod.
  2. Free Almogavers: The Almogavers will come into two iterations: Free and Factional. The Free are mercenaries and are slightly lesser compared to their Factioan brand, which is the elite troop of Pyrennia. They're light/medium armored troops with their specialization in one handed weapons, polearms and throwing weapons.
  3. Routiers: The Routiers are historical mercenaries that have fought for the kingdom of England across the XII and XIII century. In the mod they're specialized pikemen and spearmen.
  4. Farfanes: Similar to the Routiers, the Farfanes were free companies that fought in medieval Iberia and served both christians and muslim nations of the region. In the mod, they're gonna be a type of charging like cavalry troop.
  5. Bandits, Sea Raiders, etc: I have plans to make the vanilla bandits and other outlaws into possible recruits in taverns.
  6. Cossacks: Inspired by the real ones, light cavalry either being charging cavalry with spears or horse-archers.
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