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Tribes 2 Birth of Legend RPG has a great list of features, even when uncompleted. Obviously many more will be added when the mod creepes closer to completion.

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* PDA, the most useful thing in the mod, other than your weapon.
* Tri-Racial GamePlay (Human, BioDerm, Draakan), you can be one of the three.
* New Weapons
* Interactions with the world around you
* "Shopping" in stores via PDA.

New Weapons:
Draakan Flame "Breath" (Draakan only, obviously)

Available Stores:
* Pet Store (Will be just like bot factory, except they're not giving you a computer for a partner. And you cannot upgrade them with computerized upgrades, you got to use DNA mods)
* Store (Your stop for weaponry and such)
* Bot Factory (A bot, upgrade via computerized upgrades)

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