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What to expect from the mod and My vision of how it will all be in the end...

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Hey Guys!

For all of those wondering and asking about the melee system and how it is going to work do not panic.. here a little breakdown of what we hope to achieve over the course of us developing this mod...

We intend to make all melee for units such as men, orcs, goblins ETC in much the same way as Dark Sinterra mod did with there units , by using fauna. Obviously we will be doing a humanskin variant of each also as fauna cannot man siege equipment or drive vehicles and so on.

This will account for both the third age and the 'new Age' side of the mod.

All things seen in the film will be depicted in the mod. Examples of this will be things such as fellbeasts as air vehicles to be manned, Mumakil as vehicles for multiple men to man, horses(obviously) and finally catapults and balistae.

All famous locations will be created to as best scale and precision as gem2 can make possible, some of which are already under way now.

Im not saying this mod is not ambitious as it is however I intend to make it as best as I can on the engine provided. I just need your patience and in time this mod will be great. :)

Any queries or ideas post below...

DJ-Flets - - 147 comments

What's the range of creatures should we be expecting? :)

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Beta99 - - 1,012 comments

Nice man! Will we see some minor factions like the dwarves' Kingdom and Arnor?

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MIGHTYmapper123 - - 171 comments

With Juju helping from the star wars galaxy at war mod , we will be very thorough as he is with his mod , try to cover everything both in the books and in the films.

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