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Here are the issues we discovered.

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1 - When you enter a map change trigger, it takes so long, it crashes the game
2 - The cromulons are unseen in chapter 2 due to several reasons (The prop is extracted from the Gmod addon. Credit to the creator of this addon)
3 - If the player successfully escaped the Combine Lab, he's stuck on the ground. To fix this, open the console, turn on sv_cheats and activate noclip to free yourself from the ground. After that, turn off noclip and sv_cheats
4 - If the player goes to the turret area or the combine turret deploys or was killed, GLaDOS fails to skip her speech, causing a crap load of GLaDOS voices to annoy the player
5 - The playermodel becomes pink after entering a light
6 - The playermodel only loads the ragdoll animation

We might fix it in the future

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