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Right now we have several special types of Knightmare Frame, and of course there will be a special "commander" rank, called the Knight, they can command only one division, but they will have stupid buffs.

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For example our best two Aces of the game:
Kururugi Suzaku, he will command a single division that has Lancelot on it and will have several buffs because he's the Ace Pilot of it.

Lancelot and Kururugi

But what if he upgrades to Lancelot Conquista>Albion? Well, all you have to do is to upgrade his unit, nothing more nothing less. ( It will cost a hell of sakuradite, so its not recommended to mass-produce it).

Some examples of "Knights" ranks.

Pilot Name - Knightmare Frame - Faction

Li Xingke - Shen Hu - Chinese Federation

Wait what? He's a commander! But he's a godlike Knight too!!! So is he going to buff every single unit he is commanding?

Li Xingke

The answer is no, he will be a Knight ranked, but instead there will be a special buff for his assistant, Zhou Xianglin!

zhou xianglin

Yes, she will be the commander instead of Li Xingke.

What about Shinkiro?

C.C. will be the Pilot, but i can make a "Lelouch Knight" and a "Zero Commander", but C.C. will just do the job...

Let's keep the list:

Holy Britannian Empire:

Kururugi Suzaku - Lancelot - Area 11 ( He will be automatically removed after going to the HBE)

Kururugi Suzaku (Knight of Seven) - Lancelot Conquista

Bismarck (Knight of One) - Galahad

Monica Krushevsky (Knight of Twelve) - Florence

Anya Alstreim (Knight of Six) - Mordred

Luciano Bradley (Knight of Ten) - Percival

Gino Weinberg ( Knight of Three) - Tristan -

After a certain Focus:

Lelouch Vi Britannia (Pilot) - Shinkiro

C.C. - Lancelot Conquista

Kururugi Suzaku (Knight of Zero/One) - Lancelot Albion

Kuro no Kishidan:

Karen Kouzuki - Guren (All Versions)

C.C. (Immortal Witch) - Shinkiro

Chinese Federation:

Li Xingke - Shen Hu

Resistance of Japan>United States of Japan

Kyoshiro Tohdo - Burai Kai > Zangetsu

Europia United

Akito (Hannibal Ghost) - Alexander Mk.2

If you have any suggestions for KNIGHTS, please feel free to say!


wat about other countries not in the anime will they not have knights like these???

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AdEternum Author

momo12320, in truth, the knights are "normal". Anyone can recruit the knights and they can get unique bonuses.
The ones in here are already pre-made and will exist since the beggining.

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