Code Geass is a mod for Hearts of Iron being developed by Domini (AKA: Spiderligh on Steam.) The mod will have two possible start dates: First Pacific War Was the war that happened between Britannia and the Empire of Japan, thus the Empire of Japan turned into a Democracy. (Aka: Japan), the three Major POwers of this time are the Europia United, Chinese Confederation and the Holy Britannian Empire. Each one of them is going to face differente challenges on the game until they rise in power and start to kill each other for world conquest. Black Rebellion: This starts with Zero announcing the Black Knights to the world, it's a nation that starts with a single territory, but with national focuses it will randomly get new territories from Area 11, and so on. This mod is going to change everything to fit Code Geass Universe. (Graphics ARE NOT included, if you want to help about this part, you are welcome)

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Tech Tree

Well then, before the Second Pacific War between the Holy Britannian Empire and the Republic of Japan, Knightmare Frames didn't even got close to exist, the First Generation Knightmare Frame was developed after the Landspinner and Factsphere, they are pretty much useless still, they are used in spearhead attacks, since they are the fatest unit in the game.

Example of 3rd Generation Knightmare Frame: Ganymede


With the build up of Knightmare Frames, Civilian Knightmare Frames shows up, and they do serve as Builders, Search and Rescue, and some other types of Batallions.

After the 3RD Generation, they start to become useful in combat, the research isn't there by mistake, but between the 3rd Generation and the 4th Generation there is the "Slash Harken", they will make mobility way easier in difficulty territories for the Knightmare Frames.

Example of 4rd Generation Knightmare Frame: Glasglow


Glasglows are used by the Knight Police too, they are used to keep the Law in Areas.

The 5th Generation is marked by Anti-Knightmare Designs, they start making Knightmare Frames fit to fight other Knightmare Frames, with that Melee Knightmare Frames with special weapons show up.

Example of 5rd Generation Knightmare Frame: Sutherland


Example of 5Th Generation Melee Knightmare Frame: Gloucester


After that the Energy Shield is made, there are several types of "Energy Shields" two of the best examples are, it will add breakthrough and defense to units that do use the Energy Shields.

Blaze Luminous - Holy Britannian Empire

Radiant Wave Shield - Black Knights

This will liberate the All Puporse Knightmare Frame, i shall keep using Holy Britannian Empire examples only, the All Purpose is a Knightmare that can't be mass produced and its expensive, a single unit can take a year to be made.

All Purpose Knightmare Frame: Lancelot


After that, we will get the Special Weapon, it will add attack to all units.

Well, you can guess what it is right?

Special Weapon: Maser Vibration Sword / Variable Ammunition Repulsion Impact Spitfire / Radiant Wave Surger

It will give us the possibility to research the 6th Generation Melee Knightmare Frame. (No Examples) and the Hadron Cannon.

After that we need the Floater System, no need for explanation for this part, the Floater System will give us a brand new opportunity to make several Airships that are true fortress in the Sky.


7th Generation Mass Production Knightmare Frame: Vincent


7th Generation Heavy Artillery Knightmare Frame: Gawain


7th Generation All Purpose Knightmare Frame: Lancelot Conquista

Lancelot Conquista

Now the 8th Generation Knightmare Frames are marked by the Custom unit.


8Th Generation Mass Production Knightmare Frame: Vincent Ward


8th Generation Mobile Knightmare Frame: Florence


8th Generation Fortress Knightmare Frame: Tristan

TristanTristan fortress

8th Generation Melee Knightmare Frame: Percival


8th Generation Heavy Artillery Knightmare Frame: Mordred


What about the 9th Generation?

The 9Th Generation uses Energy Wing, they are extremely fast and so on, but only the All Purpose has the Energy Wing yet. (Wait for 3rd season, i saw Shinkiro with it!)

In compensation, we got the Super Knightmare Frames! The Super Maver Vibration Sword is the Excalibur, the best example is Galahad!

Super Melee Knightmare Frame: Galahad


And the Super Fortress Knightmare Frame that has the ABSOLUTE DEFENSE.

Super Fortress Knightmare Frame: Shinkiro


For the 9th Generation here's the example...

9th Generation All Purpose Knightmare Frame: Lancelot Albion

Lancelot Albion

So here's the suggestion:

Make a Unique Division for the "Unique Types" of Knightmare Frames and put it under the command of a Knight.

The Mass Productino will have stats of its predecessors, for example a 7th Gen. Mass Production Knightmare Frame is going to have the same speed of the 5th Generation Mobile Knightmare Frame, and so on.

I'm Back from the dead!

I'm Back from the dead!


Yes, i was busy, i have a life, but now i'm going to give you all an amazing opportunity: Folow me in real time.

Damocles is possible!

Damocles is possible!

News 1 comment

After some search, i discovered that doing Damocles from Code Geass IS possible.

Infantry Weapons & Armor

Infantry Weapons & Armor


The infantry upgrades is going to be divided into two types of techs: Weapons and Armor, both of them with some special stuff.

Knight System

Knight System

Feature 2 comments

Right now we have several special types of Knightmare Frame, and of course there will be a special "commander" rank, called the Knight, they can command...

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AdEternum Creator
AdEternum - - 53 comments

Mod was dead, talked to someone, now it's back on tracks, new discord server:

Reply Good karma+1 vote
nakoruru17 - - 2 comments

is this still available ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 699,092 comments

hey man does this mod still get developed or is it dead?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
AdEternum Creator
AdEternum - - 53 comments

New Developer Diary coming soon...

Reply Good karma+3 votes
tuerto01 - - 2 comments

Good mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
AdEternum Creator
AdEternum - - 53 comments

I stopped the mod progress: The reason is that i dont have time and i cant get mad at the mod every single time it gives an error (i will end up breaking my screen.)
Well, but the mod is STILL IN PROGRESS.
I'm not doing it, but someone else is keeping progress running.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
2ndSSDasReich - - 4 comments

Honestly seen this mod since almost last year. So excited for when it comes out ^-^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
AdEternum Creator
AdEternum - - 53 comments

Yeah, i had to stop the mod progress. Warning was made now.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
2ndSSDasReich - - 4 comments

You're Doing do well Domini. The Research you've done is amazing and im pretty sure it'll beat whatever everyone else makes by a long shot!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
AdEternum Creator
AdEternum - - 53 comments

Demo Version is coming up soon...
I'm almost finishing up the countries and it's leaders.

Reply Good karma+4 votes
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