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A brief description of Killing Floor Vehicle Mod features.

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With the Killing Floor Vehicle Mod entering the final closed Beta test phase, here is a short summary of the features that have already been worked into it:

  • Multiple vehicles with specific strengths and weaknesses relative to their build.
    (An army lorry, police riot van, ambulance, helicopter, police car, forklift truck, mini, taxi cab, wheelchair, and camper van)
The Lineup
  • 1st person and 3rd person display for inside and outside vehicle visuals.
    (Zoom feature for passenger internal view for weapon accuracy)
  • A 'drag frag' system that rewards high speed collisions and penalises slow crawls.
    (If you're driving fast enough you'll be awarded with an instant kill. If not, then the Zeds will either jump out of the way, destroy you and your vehicle, or die as you accelerate)
  • Fuel cans that can be purchased or possibly looted for refuelling and barbecuing.
    (Fill up your vehicle with petrol or lay a trail on the ground and ignite it)
  • A mechanic's welding tool for on the spot repairs.
    (Vehicles will take time to repair based on their health status. The welder shows the vehicles health as a percentage)
  • Highly responsive braking for rapid spinning turns.
    (180 degree + high speed turns allow for a quick roadkill return in the opposite direction)
  • Vehicle share with passenger seating.
    (Multiple passengers can join depending on the vehicle. Passengers will be armed and be able to shoot the incoming horde)
3rd Person Drive-by View

  • Land based and airbourne methods of transportation.
    (Take to the air to support ground based vehicles)
  • Mounted user controlled vehicle weapons.
    (Vehicles allow for armed passengers with a deadly array of weapons depending on vehicle and seat)
  • Vehicle damage and destruction relative to collisions and attacks.
    (High impact collisions with other vehicles and props cause proportional vehicle damage. Zed attacks cause significant damage and being surrounded on a tight turn may result in sudden death)
  • Automatic or manual vehicle respawn features can be customised on a map per map basis.
    (Random vehicle spawning allows each map to constantly provide different vehicles in different locations. Players will have no way of knowing what will be coming and where)
  • An abundance of custom and stock maps; both conversions and mod specific.
    (High quality community made maps specific to the Vehicle Mod features and game mode)
Mountain Pass Night

  • Completely integrated with the Killing Floor SDK for community mapping.
    (Mappers and modders will be able to adapt their creations simply through the Unreal Editor interface)
  • Destructible objects based on natural map features.
    (Destructible fences, fueling pumps, tables, barrels, and anything else the mapper would like to add to a map. Zeds can manually destroy these objects should they be blocking their path)
Police Riot Van
  • A quality and bug free experience.
    (The Killing Floor Vehicle Mod has been under construction for quite some time and at every step of the way Quality Control has been a major priority. Expect a very decent and stress free gaming experience without game breaking issues)

Even after the first release goes public, there remain ideas that haven't been added to the mod as of yet which are serious candidates to further enhance the experience. The mod release will also allow mappers to get to grips with the mod and demonstrate their own ideas of how a vehicle mod map should fare.

Thanks to all moddb members for your encouragement and positive feedback to date. The release is imminent so hold on in there.

braindead and arramus


you took my advice! Asploding cars frag nearby zombies now! Wooo : D

also lol @ the shaggin' waggin' texture. I can't wait.

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arramus Author

It felt sooo good knowing that scream would be her last.

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:) looking awesome guys. Laughs a plenty on their way. woot!

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You guys are gonna add Armed vehicles after the first release yes? :V

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All vehicles are armed but not in the standard sense, that they have guns attached to the roof etc, you as a player passenger will be shooting from the car and this is with the first release.

Thanks all for the support and excitement, we are also excited that the mod is 99.99% complete and almost ready for release.

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i know i might sound demanding but.... 2 things.

A tank! >:3
also maybe a better refueling sound but i am just picky...

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an idea for a vehicle

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