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Including Battlenet runewords, Uberquests, Battlenet items, better but balanced droprate, linear XP-Increase, doubled starting statpoints, infinite and shared stash, more unique monsters, better but balanced gambling chances, new gem effects, new items available for gambling, buyable runes (prices defined by rareness), upgraded shrines, full D2SE modmanager support and much more!

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Blizzard released two patches 1.14a, 1.14b, which totally destroy all modlaunchers and mods for Diablo II out there. Still can not believe they did this to us.

Get and install correct Diablo II: LoD Version

  1. Go to Diablo 3 Ingame Forum (link) where User ChaosMarc offers the installer .iso files for Diablo II: LoD 1.12a. No fear, these are the official blizzard download files from before the 1.14 destroy the community patch and should be completely legal. You own this game and can install the patch version you like. Do keep this version somewhere on your HDD/archive, because this upload my not be available forever! Legally bought serial keys for D2 and LoD still required
  2. Download D2-1.12A-yourlanguage.iso and D2LOD-1.12A-yourlanguage.iso
  3. Mount and install the images. On Windows 10 you can simply double click on it to mount it as CD/DVD and use the installer.exe. Others use daemontools or similar
  4. Install the game and LoD just like the current official download

Installation Part 2

  1. Install or have Diablo II and LoD installed (see above)
  2. Install or have D2SE Modlauncher installed
    2.1 You can find D2SE Modlauncher under files, just like the mod itself
    2.2 Windows 10: Rightclick on D2SE.exe inside the Diablo II folder, choose compatibility mode Windows 7 and run as admin
    2.3 Now there should be a MODS folder inside Diablo II
  3. Extract the downloaded archive containing the reworked mod
  4. Copy the Diablo2Reworked folder into your Diablo II/MODS folder

Starting the Game

  1. Launch D2SE (not the Diablo II or Game .exe)
  2. Scroll down, click on Reworked Mod, press Start Plugin on the top right
  3. Play everywhere except closed/open bnet. Tunngle, LAN and Soloplay work like a charm.
    Vanilla = Unmodded Diablo II could work, but does not have too

Modifications are allowed in TCP/IP, LAN and Singleplayer only! Now you benefit of all closed battlenet content, your chars/accounts will never be deleted and more mod features. Remember to backup your savegames before changing inventory settings in plugy or formatting.



  • Stretch to 16:9/else: NVIDA Driver, Desktop-size and position -> Scaling -> Fullscreen & Ignore mode set by games. May not work under Windows 10
  • Windows 10: Rightclick on D2SE.exe, compatibility mode Windows 7, run as admin
  • Ingame Resolution: Do not forget to got to ESC -> Options and switch to 800x600
  • Runes are sold by the gamble providers in every act inside the misc section. For example Geed in act one.
  • UberQuest is triggered by selling 1 Town Portal Scroll on hell difficulty. It spawns UberDiablo in the place of a random elite/champion pack. #1: Sell a scroll #2: Find UberDiablo #3: Be able to beat him
  • PandemoniumEvent has a lot higher dropchance for keys and organs. Look at this guide to get your hellfire torch and start the ultimate Diablo 2: LoD lategame.

Configuration of ~\Diablo II\MODS\Diablo2Reworked\Plugy.ini

Infinite shared Stash

  • Singleplayer only - Backup savegame before deactivating and going into Multi! Yes you can switch, but will loose all items at the additional space and page >=2
  • Default / Coop / Lan / Tunngle
    '[STASH]': ActiveBigStash=1, ActiveMultiPageStash=0 and ActiveSharedStash=0
  • Singleplayer only / Character shared big stash
    '[STASH]': ActiveBigStash=1, ActiveMultiPageStash=1 and ActiveSharedStash=1

Static maps vs. generic maps

  • '[EXTRA]': AlwaysRegenMapInSP=1/0
    1 = Maps change every time, 0 = Discovered maps stay this way all the time


Best farm spots

Low End

Act I: Non must go areas (optional caves etc.)

Low to Mid End

ActII: Tal Rasha's and fake tombs (tombrun)

Mid to High End

Act III: Mephisto and his temple
Act IV: Lavariver and diablo's cathedral

High End

Act V: Everywhere (Careful: Act V got harder now!)
Moo Moo Farm



completely outsourced into Reworked Changelog.txt and added to files. Please read this if you want to know all changes and tweaks this mod includes


Thanks to Darkness, Shaky, PlugY, iiwtch, Mhoram & Ravenswolf.
-[BIG THX to Phrozen Heart, Mordini, Fusman and Myhrginoc for their Beginner's Guide]

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