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Mysterious, fear and dark hallways, introducing Area-51. Can you find out what Area-51 is?

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Welcome to Area-51. We wish you and your friends a nice stay in the best place of America.

Visit the local stores, museums, bars, hotels or other activities.
For only $12,99 you can take a helicopter tour around the city. And for only $25,99 You can stay at our finest hotels, including lunch, dinner and breakfast !
For the daredevils. For only $55,99 you can have a day card at the shooting range. Not interested in shooting? Then take your kids or friends to the hallway of illusions. Is it real or fake? Experience that yourself.
But remember every Tuesday there is a special offer. For only $99,99 take the special day card !
That includes everything of above and even more.

So on behave of the city council we wish you and your friends or family
have a nice stay.

A share of warning.

In case you are suffering from psychologic fear, illusions or other mental distortions please follow the sign below.

Area-51 is one of the regions of World of Mandana.

And perhaps the only region that is based on psycho logic activities and fear.
In this region you will come across enemies you cant even imagine, and perhaps weapons or magic isn't enough to kill them.
Area-51 is also the biggest and largest region of World of Mandana. It knows more then 11 levels many side quests and great level-up spots.
But do you have what it takes to resist the fear ? To resist the psychologic fear illness that rages through area-51 ? Can you determine what is real or fake ? And can you find out what Area-51 really is?

Features of Area-51:

    • Explore big open wastelands, the main city and the hellish corridors of Area-51.
    • Many many side quests.
    • More then five possible endings depending on your actions.
    • Many items, weapons and secret places.
    • Survive THE HALLWAY.
    • And final, a thrilling story that fits for Area-51 and Mandana
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